1. Get More From Your Male Sex Toys - Sex Tips for Men

    TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator

    You might be looking to buy your first sex toy for men, you might be a seasoned pro. Whichever side of the fence you find yourself on, there are plenty of tips and tricks to enhance your pleasure that you might not be aware of.

    Revitalise your stroke by checking out our top tips for making your male masturbator a sexual must-have.

    1. Apply a water-based masturbation lube to the inside of the canal and to yourself for the best sensations. Those internal textures really come into their own when you’re able to get a good stroke speed built up and lessening the friction makes this an easy task.

    2. If your male masturbator is open ended or has a case you can create incredible suction by covering the hole at the end. Just place a finger or the flat of one hand over the end as you stroke.

    3. If your male masturbator doesn’t have a case you can adjust the tightness by gripping the outside tighter. Invest in a pack of differently sized elastic bands and place them around the sleeve before use. You can use one to make the entry tighter or more to create stimulation that feels more like anal sex. To increase sensation even further, trade your rubber bands for a vibrating cock ring or three. Wowza!

    Pink Lady Fleshlight4. Make your stroker hands-free. Masturbators in cases, like Fleshlights and TENGA Flipholes, can be popped inside shoes, under the mattress, wedged between cushions and even in between books on a shelf to provide hands-free thrills. Just angle it up and trap it in place.

    5. Vibrators also make great sex toys for men, especially when you team a male masturbator with one. Place a bullet vibe in the palm of your hand before stroking and you’ll benefit from enhanced sensation with every pump. Some male masturbators even have a slot to pop one inside.

    Fleshlight Powder Renewer 118ml6. Take care of your sex toys by buying the right products to keep them in tip-top condition. Realistic male masturbators need extra care to keep them supple and flesh-like, so always clean them up straight after use with sex toy cleaner. Real-feel masturbators are porous and need the extra help to stop deterioration.

    Once you’ve washed your male masturbator make sure you dry it thoroughly and then give it a good sprinkling of protective and restoring powder like the Fleshlight Powder Renewer. This powder gets rid of any sticky feeling your toy may have post cleaning, protects it from moisture in the air and maintains the elasticity that makes your male sex toy feel so good.

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    • DareDevil: March 12, 2012 23:03
      Excellent article with some great tips. Pay attention men! (and thank you Hella)

      One tip mentioned in the post that probably doesn’t occur to many guys is to use a vibrating bullet with their masturbation toy. A bullet vibe fits perfectly into the top canal of most fleshlights and gives an unbelievably sweet buzz right on the tip of your penis. Try it!

      Also great idea to use elastic bands to make a stroker tighter in places that you need it. Even better idea to use a cock ring! Depending on mood I can often use different male toys in combination. For example placing the monkey spanker toy fully down at the base of the penis and then using a fleshlight really gives the feeling of a tight entrance. COMBO POWER!