1. Win a Kindle and £100 to Spend on Lovehoney - Take Our 60 Second eReading Survey!

    Win a Kindle and £100 to spend at Lovehoney!

    The competition is now closed. The winner was S from Aylesbury.

    Comments (201)

    • Em Stock: March 08, 2012 12:29
      A truly great prize. I'm keeping EVERYTHING crossed!
    • Nicky Baker: March 08, 2012 12:38
      Would love an ereader. Especially to keep my "secret" books on. Lol
    • Alex Whittley: March 08, 2012 12:41
      Guys there are a few bugs with this survey. First off, I own neither a tablet computer nor an ereader of any kind but it does not give me an option to click. Second, when I tried to submit an incomplete form (because of the above) it advised me to complete that section but the submit button had disappeared. Only managed to finish by refreshing the page and starting from scratch. Fingers crossed anyhow! =]
    • Lovehoney - Alice: March 08, 2012 12:46
      Thanks Alex - we've added a 'None of the above' option which should fix this. No entries will be affected.
    • Sarah: March 08, 2012 13:27
      I selected other eReader even though I don't own any tablet or eReader...
      Why isn't there a category for "none".
      I read all my eBooks on my laptop at the moment...
    • Elenya Lewis: March 08, 2012 14:19
      Apologies if this is a stupid question, but where is the "submit" button for the survey? Because I'm presuming it isn't the "submit your comment" button at the bottom of the page.
    • Janet Smith: March 08, 2012 16:48
      I've not got an e-book reader as i like the feeling & smell of paper ! but i think i should catch up with the Jones's ! & try one of these Kindles . If i win one then i'l let you know what i think it :)..
    • Ben: March 08, 2012 17:22
      Would love to win this!
    • Rubyyy Jones: March 09, 2012 11:15
      Weeee! Hope that helps y'all!
      Would love a Kindle as there is so much amazing erotica I don't have access to at the moment!
    • Cefyn: March 09, 2012 11:26
      I don't strictly own an "other" reader - I have an android phone with the official Kindle app, although an actual Kindle would save my eyesight! ;)
    • Steve: March 11, 2012 21:17
      Holding out for the vouchers!! Lol
    • Blondii: March 12, 2012 12:33
      I have only just started reading books again after many years due to not having the time to enjoy them; and have always been a firm believer and lover of the smell of real paper and ink, having bought 100's of books over the years.
      But I read alot at night fighting with a mini clip-on booklight so not to wake my OH (has anyone else discovered what a pain these are), they flick on and off, they damage the book pages, they are continually falling off, your hand aches from holding the weight of the book and light and then to top it all you just find a comfortable position and the little watch batteries die; I have spent more money on batteries than books lol!
      So I have definitely been considering getting a kindle or similar because of the luxury of its built in backlight.....arhhh heaven.
      Goodluck everyone!
    • BashfulBabe: March 12, 2012 13:52
      The 'Submit' button is hiding behind the 'closing date' info, if you zoom in/out a bit, you can find the edge of it to click on (if you get a "wrong info in that bit, you tit" error, it's impossible to fish it out, so will have to start fresh).
    • Lynsey: March 12, 2012 15:21
      I've been looking at buying a kindle and then I got an email about this competition. Fingers crossed I might win one :)
    • garth: March 12, 2012 15:55
      Oh all our fun books at hand without taking up loads room.
    • Ray: March 12, 2012 16:03
      Would love a kindle and it would be so useful for bedtime reading as well if you know what I mean nudge nudge say no more etc :-)
    • Jan: March 12, 2012 16:19
      Fingers crossed, would be great to win goodies to go with my reading and would save me so much space on the bookshelf :)
    • Gordon: March 12, 2012 16:22
      Heres hoping!
    • Harley: March 12, 2012 16:30
      100 sex tokens awsome
    • Aidan Cameron: March 12, 2012 16:31
      I love SEX !!!
    • natashia: March 12, 2012 16:36
      Would love this prize so much and so would my partner :)
    • claire: March 12, 2012 16:44
      cant wait to learn something i don`t already know
    • vikki jenner: March 12, 2012 16:54
      I would love a kindle with these books on by tracey cox. I love reading her books. And £100 to spend at Lovehunny. Yes please!
    • jason: March 12, 2012 17:22
      i would love this prize as i am sex crazy and would like more sex tips and guides and this prize would get me more raunchey toys and gadjets to try out on me and my partner thanks
    • Niall Anthony: March 12, 2012 17:23
      I love learning and reading about all things sex. So does my wife. A win would be a real LoveHoney
    • gloria: March 12, 2012 18:05
      my husband and I are open to learning new sex tips and would love to really spice up and sustain our sex lives
    • rebecca: March 12, 2012 18:17
      Cant wait to see what happens! would be nice to read a few naughty novels on the kindle, never had the experiance of it! x
    • Melissa Hopkins: March 12, 2012 18:20
      What a brilliant prize, some good luck would be really great.
    • Debbie: March 12, 2012 18:50
      Great prize, I'd love a Kindle and £100 to spend at Lovehoney wouldn't last long, but it looks like I won't be winning it. I zoomed in, I zoomed out, I refreshed, I tried a different browser, but still no sign of the submit button anywhere. Guess I'll just have to stick to holding a book open while trying to align it to the light from the bedside lamp... With one hand... ;-D
    • James: March 12, 2012 19:05
      I would love a Kindle, and £100 worth of Lovehoney toys very desirable :-)
    • 66Rosie: March 12, 2012 19:07
      I love my e-reader - best gift I have ever received
    • stephanie: March 12, 2012 19:45
      great prize........ hope i win
    • Laura: March 12, 2012 20:17
      Yes such a good prize!! Love LH!!
    • ian smith: March 12, 2012 20:19
      I would love an ereader so that when I am reading a book in bed with my wife we can easily pick it up and putb it down when we try to copy an erotic item
    • Jan: March 12, 2012 20:26
      I would love this prize, love reading, love erotic fact and fiction . . . never win anything lol! Here's hoping .
    • Keith Watson: March 12, 2012 20:29
      After years of not reading much I have found the ebook is ideal for me as so many people have books can send you to try out or see if there your thing, to easy to delete and try another one does not see so bad as buying a book and throwing it away if it's no good. so yes would love my own instead of a second hand ebook reader thats as old as me ha ha
    • Nikki: March 12, 2012 20:35
      I love Lovehoney! :)
    • jo: March 12, 2012 21:17
      Ohhh more secrets to keep, oh where does she get all those great toys and ideas from ? Love honey of course and now she can get more top tips at the touch of a botton ;0)
    • suze9: March 12, 2012 21:34
      I would love to enter but am finding it impossible. I have tried to find the submit button at least 4 times so cannot enter at all, even after BB's helpful advice. Please fix this to make it fair for everyone!!!
    • timothy: March 12, 2012 22:20
      groovy sexy webpage
    • Darren Clarke: March 12, 2012 22:48
      It's not often that this website does a competition, so it is nice to see! :)
    • Ginger Ninja Minge: March 12, 2012 22:56
      I would enter, but I already have a Kindle anyway. It was at the point where I nearly finished it that I realised that - durr - not everyone has a Kindle. Good luck to you all! :D
    • David Moreton: March 12, 2012 23:09
      It is nice to see a competition with a prize that can help you with your sex life. That doesn't include sex toys, aphrodisiacs, underwear and the like. good luck everybody.
    • gary harbron: March 13, 2012 00:43
      great prize fingers crossed.
    • Maggy Langham: March 13, 2012 01:03
      It would be really great to win a Kindle ebook, as I am partially sighted, and need to read up close. I'm sure this would be a benefit to me. Great prize! As for the £100 to spend at LoveHoney, well, the world is my oyster!! Great fun!!
    • Debbie: March 13, 2012 10:35
      Both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 10 failed to display the page correctly, so the Submit button was missing, but the page loads perfectly for me in Opera version 10.63, so I have now managed to submit my entry. Bit of nuisance if you have to download and install a new browser to enter a competition, although the prize would have made the inconvenience worthwhile for me - if I'd thought of doing it (I already had it installed) - but hope this helps anyway.
    • ceri parry: March 13, 2012 10:43
      would love a £100 pound to spend at love honey lots of naughty treats I would love to own :)
    • Fred: March 13, 2012 13:46
      I can't wait to win! :D
    • Mo: March 13, 2012 16:17
      looking forward to using my Kindle!!!!
    • Sas: March 13, 2012 16:19
      Would love to have the Kindle
    • Michael Power: March 13, 2012 16:52
    • Fi: March 13, 2012 18:08
      Hi, I had a problem with the survey in that I am new to exploring and don't know any sex tips websites, I put in the only one i've seen but i wouldn't call it a favorite. Also I use my iphone to read too and that wasn't an option.
    • Fran: March 13, 2012 19:12
      Well the answer to below ..the opposite of cold..is me..after reading Tracy cox's books..I am hot hot hot!!!
    • Harmony: March 13, 2012 19:16
      OMG then I could get away with reading BDSM erotica on the train without anyone guessing ;)
    • frances smith: March 13, 2012 20:14
      would love to win this prize, i read o lot and a kindle would be fantastic
    • maria hudson: March 14, 2012 09:42
      Would love to win one,my house is full of books and I never part with any of them.would solve my storage problem.It would probably be easier on my eyes too. A win of any kind would lift my spirits as my father has just passed away two weeks ago,he read a book a day to pass the time so guess reading reminds me of my rest dad. Anyway fingers crossed
    • Will: March 14, 2012 11:03
      Great prize. Fingers crossed
    • Allan: March 14, 2012 12:04
      this is a great site, and I would love to have the opportunity to win a prize
    • Vicki: March 14, 2012 12:21
      I feel so last century still reading paper books!
    • heatherbelll: March 14, 2012 12:46
      Good luck!
    • Rachel Jenkinson: March 14, 2012 17:25
      Great stuff, can't wait to get started!!!!
    • Nigel: March 14, 2012 17:49
      Fingers Crossed. Only my fingers obviously! Good Loving everybody. XXX
    • Lee Spinks: March 14, 2012 18:34
      Liking your products and will be buying more
    • Gwyneth: March 14, 2012 18:52
      Your site has been a real eye opener, hubby and I are getting quite adventurous. Books on screen excellant. Thank You xx
    • Gwyneth: March 14, 2012 18:53
      Your site has been a real eye opener, hubby and I are getting quite adventurous. Books on screen excellant. Thank You xx
    • zoe: March 14, 2012 20:07
      would love to win as a friend has told me to read victorian porn on ebooks.
    • lynn: March 14, 2012 20:22
      would love to win a kindle :)
    • sarah bailey: March 14, 2012 21:29
      what a prize! the fun n pleasure i could inflick on my lover.... oh yesssss.
    • Fiona: March 15, 2012 00:14
      oh dear!problems don't seem to be rectified!have just gone through the questionnaire in the hope I may win something in my life & NO option to submit responses !!! !
    • danielle: March 15, 2012 14:55
      love your products and to win amazing toys and kindle for me and my partener would be great as never won nothing before and a prize like this would be great!!
    • james: March 15, 2012 14:59
      love all your products i have brought from your site and so does my partner ;)
      would love to win this just amazing prizes :)
    • Fiona: March 15, 2012 16:10
      There is no submit button so I can't enter the competition! I have tried the refresh button several times.
    • sophie s: March 16, 2012 01:12
      love!!! this site
    • Rachael: March 16, 2012 16:54
      Hey ho hope i win x love honey is the best x
    • don gray: March 17, 2012 14:20
      we love this website !!!!!!!!!!
    • alan: March 18, 2012 20:06
      Please let me win!! x
    • Jean: March 21, 2012 00:06
      I would love a Kindle almost as much as I love Love Honey!!
    • Kris: March 23, 2012 16:25
      Yes please :-)
    • shazz: March 23, 2012 16:36
      I filled out the survey - no where to click to submit the survey :-(
    • Steve Thomas: March 23, 2012 16:38
      I love sex, just don't get any :( Unless by my own fair hand lol
    • David Lloyd: March 23, 2012 16:53
      I have just got divorced for the 2nd time ( Decree Absolute on 25.5.12 )
    • Linda: March 23, 2012 16:58
      I love Lovehoney it's the best site out there 100% trusted and satisfaction garented lol xxx
    • Grehem Byram: March 23, 2012 17:33
      Love the love honey website adore Tracey Cox I DEFINETLY would. I really hope to win
      And read plenty more by Tracy.
    • Dionne: March 23, 2012 17:33
      I want a kindle so I have more room to pack naughty toys and sexy undies when I go on holiday
    • Ruth: March 23, 2012 17:36
      I struggled on the request for a website used for sex tips, I've not needed any for many many years now ... in fact ... think from my experience I'd be better off starting my own helpline hehehe

      can't wait to make some purchases from lovehoney soon tho' ... so many toys and sooooo much playtime mmmmm

    • Chris Lewis: March 23, 2012 17:36
      I am just so shy about sex and lack a lot in confidence. At 48 i think that is sad, i am not ugly or anything and my mates think i have a good sex life but wish one day i could move forward. My girlfriend is also frigid so that does not help.
    • Zach: March 23, 2012 17:45
      Lovehoney is teaching me alot
    • jason prior: March 23, 2012 17:46
      love to own an ebook reader
      kindle is the best
    • Paul R Crawford: March 23, 2012 18:06
      Lovehoney is teaching us a lot and by is it good fun learning!
    • toni: March 23, 2012 18:16
      would love 2 win as its my birthday in 12 days time so would make a fab present to win
    • Kerry hall: March 23, 2012 18:16
      Sounds great!
    • SHARON HOLGATE: March 23, 2012 18:25
      Sex. Is Great would Love to Win x
    • george: March 23, 2012 18:28
      good prize,apelling
    • John Laws: March 23, 2012 18:30
      Love to win so many books in one small package and no one will be able to spot that you are reading erotic stories.
    • Chris Braithwaite: March 23, 2012 18:34
      The Kindle would be great, but would like to spend the £100 at Lovehoney-Exciting!!
    • Geoff: March 23, 2012 18:54
      What a great prize to keep my sex books in :-)
    • steven liptrot: March 23, 2012 18:56
    • JASON KEITH JONES: March 23, 2012 19:04
      I want a kindle so I have more room to pack naughty toys and sexy undies when I go on holiday
    • lise: March 23, 2012 19:17
      I have tried to enter my favourite sex tip website. Could someone help me to resolve this as I really want to enter this competition, not only for the kindle but the chance to spend a hundered pound at love honey. I have so many ideas what I would buy. Its my sexy husbands birthday tomorrow and mine on tuesday so it would be a great present if I can manage to enter. So please could some kind person help me complete this 1 part of the application, Kind Regards Lise
    • KT: March 23, 2012 19:45
      Always good to keep the skills fresh! Don't want my Mr to ever think he's with a lazy lover.
    • Amanda Harris: March 23, 2012 20:27
      Please pick me
    • Deb: March 23, 2012 20:34
      Fingers crossed, but legs open.
    • Frances McHarrie: March 23, 2012 20:48
      Please HELP!! I really want to enter this excellent comp but after filling it out 3 times & pressing submit nothing is happening????? Is this because I'm trying to do it on my mobile rather than my laptop? I really want to enter this comp. Wil try on the laptop next, fingers crossed ;-)
    • Imelda Loudon: March 23, 2012 20:58
      I would love to win a Kindle, as i have never won any thing before. I enter a lot of competions, but never win, .:-(
    • Lesley Gould: March 23, 2012 21:27
      Would like to read more "romantic stories"
    • Andrew Woodcock: March 23, 2012 22:10
      Using Kindle on my Iphone
    • Niamh: March 23, 2012 22:30
      Yeah Buddy!!!! Fingers crossed :p
    • lise: March 23, 2012 23:57
      Francais no i have tried from my lap top twice, dont know why its not letting us
    • callum: March 24, 2012 00:45
      Where is the submit button?
    • Vicki: March 24, 2012 08:57
      Hi, I can't complete this survey on my Android phone - can only get part way through the relationship status box & then can't scroll any further.

      Would like to enter comp please, it looks good!

    • Brenda mac: March 24, 2012 09:01
      get love honey in your life
    • Cathryn George: March 24, 2012 09:06
      Would love to win !!
    • Nick: March 24, 2012 09:58
      Perfect prize!
    • Chris Bligh: March 24, 2012 10:04
      Giood prize
    • Pete: March 24, 2012 10:22
      Like to read about anything to do with sex!
    • Jennifer McGirr: March 24, 2012 11:58
      I don't know if my comp entry worked or not. When I clicked submit it highlighted the web address for my fav site but I couldn't do this again as the submit button had disappeared. When I refreshed page it went to a new blank comp entry. If I fill it all in again & the first did go through guess I'd be disqualified.
    • Jennifer McGirr: March 24, 2012 12:04
      I don't know if my comp entry worked or not. When I clicked submit it highlighted the web address for my fav site but I couldn't do this again as the submit button had disappeared. When I refreshed page it went to a new blank comp entry. If I fill it all in again & the first did go through guess I'd be disqualified.
    • jayne: March 24, 2012 13:54
      brilliant website x
    • Kay Brady: March 24, 2012 22:47
      Great toys!
    • yasmine carty: March 25, 2012 00:26
      i will try 2 read more about it on here
    • Matt: March 25, 2012 09:30
      Good to see love honey going that extra step again .
    • Duncan: March 25, 2012 09:32
      Fingers and legs crossed
    • Devious: March 25, 2012 09:45
      if there's a problem on the form it highlights it in red (I didn't put a URL in the 'sex tips' box) but still hides the Submit button - I had to reload the page and redo the questions!
    • Arf: March 25, 2012 09:52
      Would love a kindle to keep all my "special" books on ;)
    • Daniel: March 25, 2012 09:52
      Really hope I win
    • Arf: March 25, 2012 09:54
      Would love a kindle to keep all my "special" books on ;)
    • Susi Feldhus: March 25, 2012 10:14
      Would love to have a kindle. This is a really amazing prize to give away!
    • Ricky Spring: March 25, 2012 10:25
      If i win this it will mean i won't wake her up by turning the pages of my book when i read in bed.
    • Ann: March 25, 2012 10:28
      this a great prize going on holiday soon, a kindle would be lovely
    • David: March 25, 2012 11:03
      Hope its me!!!!!!
    • Tony Orwin: March 25, 2012 11:13
      E xtremley E xception and E xciting price.
      A waiting EAgerly in Anticipation.........
    • Alan: March 25, 2012 11:14
      I would love to be able to read some nice erotic story while laid naked with a companion
    • Peter: March 25, 2012 11:45
      Would like a kindle, hope I win fingers crossed.
    • paul: March 25, 2012 12:06
      i would love to win a kindle just hope i am lucky enough to win
    • RB: March 25, 2012 12:11
      where is the submit button please? :)
    • Luke H: March 25, 2012 12:24
      Lets hope this works
    • Paul Strickland: March 25, 2012 12:44
      Great website, great sexual goodies, hope to win the kindle I need more sex
    • Andy: March 25, 2012 13:59
      Minted :))
    • Mike: March 25, 2012 14:48
      Love to win so I can read more sex books......I have an insatiable appetite and can never get enough......keep it cumming,.....xxxxx
    • Paul McNulty: March 25, 2012 14:58
      Like above, i dont use a sex tips website. Also i use my I Phone to read which isnt an option.
    • Lee: March 25, 2012 15:00
      Thank you for a great website
    • Pedro: March 25, 2012 15:02
      The Lovely Love Honey website does it again, Keep it UP
    • Elaine: March 25, 2012 15:28
      I hope I win... got my fingers crossed but not my legs, lol
    • stanley: March 25, 2012 16:53
      wish I could have more sex but haven't had any for nearly two years now so winning this will give me something to do.
    • Deb Burfoot: March 25, 2012 16:58
      oooh an erotic ereader...now that sounds good...
    • JULIE JOHNSON: March 25, 2012 17:41
      would love to win but having problems with the site
    • Becky Salter: March 25, 2012 18:23
      It's never going to happen, but the mischief that could be had if I did win...x
    • Kay: March 25, 2012 18:24
      Please can someone tell me how to submit the form as it doesn't seem to be working? Thanks.
    • Kay: March 25, 2012 18:25
      Please can someone tell me how to submit the form as it doesn't seem to be working? Thanks.
    • Kim: March 25, 2012 18:44
      Thank you lovehoney x
    • george davies: March 25, 2012 19:54
      hope i win this i have had 4strokes and lost most of my memory cannot read ordinary books and hope this would be more use to me cannot get to shops easily to purchase books again this would be just the thing i need
    • Neil Kelly: March 25, 2012 19:56
      Would love to win, love a good Erotic read
    • george davies: March 25, 2012 20:02
      after 4 strokes and loss of memory banks i hope this would be real benifit to me as i have not read a book in 3 years i forget what i have read within seconds and cannot holdbooks for long this would be fantastic prize it would open part of my life again
    • kevin: March 25, 2012 20:35
      I would love to win this for my wife so we can have his and hers kindle :-D
    • Helen: March 25, 2012 20:47
      great website and fab prizes :)
    • sean bell: March 25, 2012 22:54
      I love 2 win four my g/f
    • Anjela Kandapah: March 25, 2012 23:18
      Winning would be awesome!! Reading Erotica on my tube journey to and from work can be difficult because of the pics! This way I could have my daily fill without the embarassment of others!!
    • Reena: March 26, 2012 00:46
      Brilliant competition, fingers crossed !
      did anyone else get sent to amazon when entered ?
    • CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS: March 26, 2012 09:29
      Keep up the good work
    • Christopher Williams: March 26, 2012 09:35
      Keep up the good work
    • Steve: March 26, 2012 10:48
      I love 2 win four my g/f she loves to read.
    • george davies: March 26, 2012 12:22
      as i have had a number of strokes that has taken my memory and can no longer read or hold books this would be an excellent prize to win after a few words i forget what i have read and have to start al over again it can take ages to read a single page so hoping this would be easier to handle instead of a book which get heavy after a while
    • Vicki: March 26, 2012 13:49
      Ohh, now the previous Android problem has gone it seems the submit button is missing :(
    • m wittinbaker: March 26, 2012 15:42
      No submit button. So how do we enter?
    • Georgina Whaley-gallagher: March 31, 2012 19:39
      How do we enter?
    • Richard: April 01, 2012 09:15
      i hope I win
    • Kim: April 01, 2012 10:07
      Thanks Lovehoney
    • Claire Cobb: April 01, 2012 10:11
      Nice prize!
    • Sarah: April 01, 2012 10:47
      After having a baby 8 weeks ago, sex life starting again but need something to help things along and make it more exciting for us both. Bit out of practice :-)
    • Gavin Dowd: April 01, 2012 11:02
      Hope I win
    • Ruth: April 01, 2012 11:46
      would love to win this my e-reader is about had it!
    • hollie: April 01, 2012 11:59
      I'd love to be able to win an ereader
    • Dean: April 01, 2012 13:01
      Now if only I could rub something for luck ;) I might win
    • Kay: April 01, 2012 13:40
      Let it be me!!
    • sarah: April 01, 2012 14:25
      i hope i win lol
    • Miss B V T: April 01, 2012 15:32
      Good luck everyone! X
    • Robert Harris: April 01, 2012 15:58
      Keeping everything crossed for this prize
    • King: April 01, 2012 19:26
      Great comp!
    • ted: April 01, 2012 20:26
      please send my prize asap. I cannot wait
    • ross: April 01, 2012 21:54
      please let me win i never win anything!!
    • Wesley: April 02, 2012 09:56
      great prize , good luck to everybody
    • Sam Railton: April 02, 2012 12:10
      Great Prize
    • Ray: April 02, 2012 14:13
      great prizes
    • ted brindley: April 02, 2012 18:20
      I love your web page
    • Tracy: April 04, 2012 15:18
      would love to win this
    • Riina: April 04, 2012 16:55
      what a treat this would be!
    • Amanda Bennett: April 04, 2012 22:19
      Would love to win partner has kindle an i so need one too! may re kindle the bedtime romance too
    • Donna: April 05, 2012 10:02
      Would love to win this fab giveaway :)
    • maria: April 06, 2012 21:55
      I would love to win this great prize. Don't have one, would love to have one. Thank you.
    • Brendan: April 07, 2012 20:08
      Superb prize and an eye opening collection of reads.
    • Mike Martin: April 08, 2012 18:45
      i would love to be able to read e-books on the go -
    • Reece: April 08, 2012 18:51
      Everything is crossed!
    • Bernie: April 18, 2012 22:05
      I love to read, and eye up kindles regularly fingers crossed :-)
    • Patricia Whittaker: April 19, 2012 11:34
      Two great prizes in one competition
    • Christina Michael: April 19, 2012 19:10
      great prize
    • Sue Tomlin: April 19, 2012 19:19

      When will the Kindle be out in paperback ????

      No, honestly would love to win one.......perfect to take away on holiday.

    • Steve Dobson: April 22, 2012 08:43
      Fingers Crossed
    • Jane: April 24, 2012 01:46
      Love you lovehoney xxxx

    • marie yeardley: April 25, 2012 10:58
      Lovin lovehoney
    • AliMc: April 29, 2012 16:35
      This competition ends tomorrow... so exciting!!! :)

      There are quite a few toys I have my eye on so that £100 would be incredible. As for the Kindle, I'm a little apprehensive about switching from good old regular books. I just adore the feel of flipping the pages of a hardback book. I'd love to win it though and see if it can change my mind. It would be great to read Tracey Cox's books too. I haven't read a sex book before but I hear Tracey is a sex goddess so I'm sure I could learn a lot!

    • Gemma winfield: April 29, 2012 19:26
      Would so love to win this prize !!