1. Sex Machine or Power Tool?

    Rock Box Sex Machine or Power Tool?A common complaint in customer reviews is that a vibrator just didn’t cut it for them power wise. Everyone is unique, as are their sexy parts, and a sex toy that’s too strong for one person is too weak for another.

    No matter how hard sex toy makers have tried, they just don’t seem to manage to pleasure everyone with their powerful vibrators. Dissatisfied sad face.

    If you’re a power-hungry lover that’s looking for more va-va-voom from your vibe then you’ll love this week's Awesome Power Tool… I mean Sex Toy. Rock Box (£99.99) is quite probably the world’s most powerful vibrator and the good news is that it’s equal parts sexy fun times for him and for her.

    I know what you’re thinking. Surely this thing is going to shear my lady garden to pieces or batter my man rod…

    Rock Box Mains Powered Unisex VibratorNope. No cigar-shaped dildo for you. This super-charged beast of a sex toy vibrates at 5,000 revolutions per minute, putting your dear old washing machine to shame, but it’s also perfectly safe to place against your naughty parts. Just be sensible with it.

    On the lowest setting Rock Box offers a similar vibrating output to a Magic Wand vibrator. It’s still much more powerful than your average vibe, but it can be gentle too. Amping up the power unleashes the beast, you’ll find the top setting is serrrriously intense. With practice you can get it rocking your naked body but it’s also great for using fully clothed.

    Rock Box comes with two attachments - one for him and one for her. His is designed to stroke along the underside of the penis and hers can either be inserted for G-spot stimulation or placed against the clitoris. It takes some practice to get the hang of but it’s well worth persevering with if you want to experience some seriously mind-blowing climaxes that leave your other sex toys feeling rather inadequate.

    A high-powered sex toy that’s fit for him and for her? Awesome!

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    • Blondii: March 12, 2012 12:12
      Girls you will love love love this sex machine, the attachments are safe and easy to attach; being a bit of a power queen i thought I would never find something to give me the power that I needed. WOW I have met my match with the Rock Chick the orgasms are explosive and last longer than my normal orgasms. I have never felt anything like this!
      Guys you dont lose out, you too have an attachment and an ingenious way to use it.
      This really is an innovative sexmachine to use by yourself or share between you; incredible!!!
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