1. A Hands-Free Belt for Magic Wand Vibrators

    Magic Wand Orgasm Belt Being WornMagic Wand Vibrators have made their mark as a sex toy legend even though they were never actually designed to be clenched between your thighs.

    Those who were around to see the beginning of the Magic Wand phenomena may have been a pioneer in bringing it to bedsides around the globe. Those who caught the trend early on were looking for a soothing solution to their niggling back troubles but soon discovered that their deep-tissue back massager could do a whole lot more for women than it originally let on.

    What started off as Mummy’s little secret became an almost cult reference in television programmes and magazines. Suddenly Magic Wand vibrators were depicted with a cheeky smile and a wink in the eye and those who hadn’t experimented soon clocked on. Thus the Magic Wand vibe, with all its deep rumbling power, became the sex toy of choice for secret solo play.

    In the UK we had a bit of a hurdle to leap as it took a while for Magic Wands to be adapted to match our voltage output. The US models were blowing up in our sockets and there was nothing to bridge the gap, but thankfully things have changed and it’s now possible for us to have our pick from a wide range of Magic Wand massagers. The original 2-speed model has been left for dust as bigger, better models like the Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic Magic Wand Vibrator were developed with multiple speed settings and *gulp* even more power…

    Leather Orgasm Wand Vibrator BeltFor those who have tried the high-powered pleasures of a Magic Wand vibrator, you’ll be in no doubt that it has earned its place next to your bed. It can take a bit of effort to take it from a masturbatory aid or foreplay enhancer to something that can complement penetrative sex, but this week's Awesome Sex Toy lends a helping hand.

    The Leather Orgasm Wand Vibrator Belt (£64.99) might look like a BDSM restraint, and indeed it can be, but it can also offer you the perfect hands-free platform for your Magic Wand Vibrator.

    By slipping into this leather belt you can mount your Magic Wand into exactly the right position to enjoy hands-free clitoral stimulation, leaving your paws free to support a greater variety of sex positions. Best of all it’s fully adjustable, so it can be used with a variety of different wand vibrators and still hit the spot every time. Every position from missionary to doggie style sex is enhanced as you gain better support by having both hands free to get those angles right or fondle your partner’s peachy derriere.

    For kinkier couples the leather belt is equipped with a variety of O-rings, allowing you to team bedroom bondage restraints such as wrist cuffs with the belt. This creates the perfect platform for enforced orgasms a-plenty, but don’t be too quick to write this inventive belt off as a one-trick pony.

    Hands-free doggie-style Magic Wand sex? Awesome!

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    • vi: February 29, 2012 12:21
      this belt looks fab! just what i need. although im unsure about Lovehoneys deluxe wand having more power than a hitachi wand. i thought it was far less
    • Lovehoney - Alice: February 29, 2012 13:47
      Hi Vi,

      I have a Hitachi and Lovehoney's Magic Wand plugged in next to my desk (lucky me) and they're exactly the same in terms of power with the firmer head of the Lovehoney wand making it feel stronger. The Hitachi also only has two speeds, while the Lovehoney wand has a scrolling scale which gives more variety.

      What made you think the Lovehoney wands had less power, out of curiosity?


    • Vi: March 04, 2012 17:27
      Hi Alice! well I have been reading about the Hitachi wand and the settings are 5000 rpm and 6000 rpm. This is the same as the rocket box at 5000 I think. And when inquiring about the rocket box I was told it was far more powerful than the Lovehoney wand. That is why I thought the Hitachi was more powerful! Incidently, I thought the Hitachi was not allowed in this country?
    • Lovehoney Hella: March 15, 2012 10:36
      The Hitachi isn't sold in this country as it doesn't carry the relevant safety marks, so it cannot legally be sold in the UK.

      The rotation of a motor can only go so far as to explain the power of a toy. Every vibrating motor has a spinning cam which creates the buzz. The size and weight of the cam will determine the resonance of the vibration (how deeply it rumbles).

      I've tested out the Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe (which side-by-side feels the same as the Hitachi) and the Rock Box. I can take the Deluxe up to full whack whereas Rock Box I can't take past level 4.

      There is also a diffusion via the attachments. The softer tip of the wand cushions vibrations somewhat whereas the Rock Box attachments conduct the vibrations much clearer.

      You can take it from someone who has tried both, the Rock Box packs much more of a punch, I promise you. x

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