1. Eroticon 2012 - Time to Get Excited!

    Ruby Kiddell organiser of Eroticon 2012Monday mornings aren’t often seen as the most exciting week but, for me, today was the last Monday before Eroticon 2012, which makes it very exciting!

    I came up with the idea for Eroticon in May 2011 and ten months later I’ll see all my hard work come alive on Saturday as I open the doors to the UK’s first conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers and I couldn’t be more excited.

    I’m excited to meet the speakers, some that I’ve never met before or only conversed with over email and many of whom I admire or inspire me in some way and some I’m just plain intrigued by. I’m excited to meet bloggers and writers that I’ve read and only met on social media as well as those delegates who I have never met and know nothing off.

    I’m curious to find out just who comes to a sex blogger and erotica writers’ conference!

    I’m excited to meet our sponsors, not just the friendly and generous Lovehoney and Coco de Mer staff but also the publishers and to discuss with them some of the big issues facing erotica and publishing at the moment; censorship, self-publishing, content and of course the big question “Where next for erotica?”

    I’m excited to meet old friends, some of whom are coming from overseas, that have supported me over the last couple of years, friendships that pre-date but will be strengthened there. I’m excited to see what happens, for all the planning and work that I’ve done, and that’s a lot, it isn’t down to me anymore, it is down to you, the people that are as excited as me about it to take it forward and bring it to life.

    I’m excited to see you learning, making networks and moving forward your writing. And if all the things that excite me don’t excite you, well that’s what Lovehoney are there for, because I know they’ll have plenty of things designed to excite you!

    Ruby Kiddell is an author of erotic fiction and organiser of Eroticon 2012. Ruby blogs at The Erotic Notebook.