1. The Vibe That Does Exactly As It's Told

    The Minna Ola - a programmable toy that doesn't need a computerIt’s a challenge for sex toy manufacturers to come up with an innovative idea that sets it apart from its competitors in the fierce sex toy market.

    Luxury sex toy manufacturers are challenged with providing bigger, better things than those in the middle range and therefore their toys tend to come under much closer scrutiny, meaning they’ll often either sail or fail.

    It’s always great to be able to report that a sex toy has lived up to the hype and this week's Awesome Sex Toy has certainly proven itself.

    The Minna Ola Programmable Vibe (£119.99) is the first programmable luxury vibrator. It has the now-standard uniform of a waterproof silicone finish and rechargeable battery built in, but it also has functioning tech that differentiates it from other luxury vibrators in the market and allows you to create a totally personalised experience.

    No difficult programming required!

    Minna Ola features a cushy pad that allows the user to record their own vibration patterns, varying speeds and intensities to a rhythm that matches your desires. Providing a generous 10 seconds of recording time, you can tailor-make a vibration setting that will push all of the right buttons, allowing you to explore and experiment with which kinds of vibration really get you going.

    It’s also incredibly user friendly, so you won’t find yourself reading a manual for an hour while your whole-heartedly jam at the controls in hope that you’ll figure it out.

    With up to 10 seconds of recording time you can quickly find your pace. Press the cushion down firmly for maximum power and give it light squeezes for more subtle vibrations. Create a slowly increasing vibration with a gentle incline or work power up and down in undulating waves. You can even match the pulsating vibration to the beat of your music.

    This vibe is a must try for anyone who has ever thought ‘If only the pulsations were closer together’ or ‘If only the vibrations took a longer time to build intensity’ while using a pattern vibe. Taking away vibrator frustrtation without you having to go through the effort of designing and making your own perfect sex, the programmable vibe has a place in the bedside drawer of any sex toy fan.

    A tailor-made orgasm that can be built in less than 10 seconds? Awesome!