1. A Bendy Bang For Your Booty

    Bum fun. Backdoor loving. Anal play. If you’re into it you’ll know just how much fun sticking something in the wrong ‘un can be. If you hadn’t guessed, this week's Awesome Sex Toy of the Week is dedicated to discovering the pleasures of anal sex and foreplay - just the way you want it. It does seem that until recently there was only so much you can do with the humble butt plug…

    Cue the Mystim Flexing Flavio Silicone Butt Plug (£39.99). Unlike flexible (and trimmable) anal beads, Flexing Flavio offers a solid shaft for firmer stimulation. Unlike other silicone butt plugs, Flexing Flavio has a flexible shaft that bends in all manner of ways to assure that you get exactly the right pressure, shape and sensations you want. Check out the video for proof!

    Most prostate toys are small and designed to be worn internally as opposed to being used manually. This means the wearer inserts the toy and hopes that it’s the right length and shape to hit his P-spot. A man getting to know his ass will not only face a slow progression in size, he’ll also need to learn which shapes pleasure him best. There has never before being any distinct way to tell which shape and size is best for prostate stimulation without buying a lot of different toys, but the Mystim Flexing Flavio is the perfect solution.

    As it’s a prostate toy, it is relatively small in stature to assure it doesn’t over shoot its target. For those in want of a bigger boy toy there is Curvin Curt (£39.99).

    A malleable butt plug you can curve, angle, twist and waver to really open up the back doors (couldn’t resist) to anal exploration? Awesome!