1. Valentine's Day Survival Guide for Sexy Singles

    February 14th can feel a little exclusionary if you’re not paired off, even for the most adept pick up artists and players. Tracey Cox, sex and relationships expert, has even gone so far as rebranding Valentine's Day as "National Singles Awareness Day" to help redress the balance.

    Valentine’s Day isn’t just irritating for singles, it also has the power to dredge up memories of the times you celebrated with an ex love and those happy times you shared. You can avoid crying over that t-shirt he left behind or hugging that teddy bear she bought you, even though you think its possibly the tackiest thing you ever laid eyes on. You can navigate through the neurotic mess that Val Day may create if you follow these quick and easy steps:

    1.Use your memories for good instead of evil. Instead of missing the times you shared with an ex, think about what you want from future relationships. When a relationship ends it’s because it didn’t work. It’s easy to idealise the past if you miss being in a relationship, so think rationally.

    2.Make plans to do something with friends or at least keep busy. Your mind is more likely to wander if your only plans are to slump on the sofa for the night. By making February 14th plans you’ll avoid the introspection that comes from doing nothing at all, thus avoiding vitriol.

    3. Treat yourself. If you were in a relationship you’d end up buying something for your partner, so why not spend that cash on yourself? A new Valentine’s Day sex toy can put the spring back into your step and gives you something to look forward to at the end of the night.

    A luxury vibrator won’t turn you down or care if you’re on your period and a male masturbator is never selfish and hits the spot every time. By assuring yourself some passion on the most romantic night of the year you won’t feel left out.

    4. Make the day all about you. Take an extra long soak in the bath, get a haircut, get your nails done or take yourself out clothes shopping. When you look and feel your best, you feel happier and more confident. Giving yourself back the power to be sexy will leave you feeling more positive about what the future holds.

    5. Take positive steps toward the future. If you think that cute girl in the office has been giving you the eye or you have an almighty crush on the postman, then use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to let your crush know you’ve noticed them.

    Send a sexy greetings card to the object of your desire with hints as to who you might be. Worst case scenario is you stay single, best case scenario you’ll embark on a new romantic adventure.