1. Sex Swing Sales Surge as Desperate Housewife Left Dangling

    A curious spike in the sales of sex swings left staff here at Lovehoney HQ scratching their heads. What could possibly be the cause of a run on sex swings? Are they kinky Valentine's gifts? Or a novel way to keep warm in the cold snap that's got the country all-of-a shiver?

    After a little research, our answer came in the shape of Channel 4's Desperate Housewives. It turns out, Bree Van de Kamp's enterprising daughter Danielle was creating sex swings at home (though Bree was under the impression it was some sort of exercise equipment).

    But forget the antics on Wisteria Lane, it's what's going on in bedrooms up and down Britain that's really got everyone at Lovehoney in a spin…

    Since the epsiode aired last week, Lovehoney has already seen a 100% increase in sex swing sales compared to this time last year, with customers snapping up the pocket-friendly Fetish Fantasy Door Swing (£39.99) and true-to-the-episode Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing (£75.00) from our Sex Swings category.

    Watch the clip from Desperate Housewives, as Bree gets caught in a compromising position:

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