1. Can I get Viagra on the NHS?

    Can I get Viagra on the NHS?

    I’ve had several questions recently about the use of Viagra. One was from a lady in her mid-60s, with her husband in his early 70s. They still enjoy a fulfilling sex life, but he now needs a little help – but she feared their doctor would say they’re too old for Viagra.

    The good news is that age is no barrier to using PDE-5 inhibitors - the clinical name for Viagra, Levitra and the longer-lasting Cialis. Viagra doesn’t create desire, but it should help with the hydraulics - however old you are.

    What is a barrier, though, is that men who are already taking nitrate-based medicines must steer well clear. Viagra works by relaxing the blood vessels, so an erection is facilitated by more blood flowing to the penis. However, if combined with other drugs also designed to relax blood vessels (such as Nitrostat, used in treating heart conditions) then blood pressure can drop to life-threatening levels. So always get Viagra from a doctor who can first take a look at your overall health picture (there may be other factors contributing to erectile dysfunction anyway) and never risk buying it online.

    Unfortunately the little blue pill isn’t cheap, hence the supposed ‘bargains’ on the Internet. NHS availability is limited - only patients with certain conditions, including diabetes, prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease, are eligible. A private prescription from your GP will vary in price according to strength. There are three strengths: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg (lower doses are usually recommended for men over 65) and you should expect to pay between £7 and £9 per tablet.

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    • Graham: February 09, 2012 13:30
      There is also cialis based drugs for erectile dysfunction. They tend to have less side effects than viagra and often tend to last longer too, they are often called the weekender, they come in 10 and 20mg dose levels. Like your comments it is better to get them from your GP. Do not be embarrassed to ask, I was for the last 5 years and suffered in silence. You can get them from web site but they charge typically anything from £50 upwards for 4 tablets. If they are precribed from you GP typically £48 max but if you negotiate with the pharmacist they will reduce the cost. You may find that after a while you may have to rely on the erectile dysfunction medication less and less. Hope this helps.