1. A Hand Job from the Heart

    Is your love in full bloom or is your heart under the heel of some evil heatbreaker’s shoe? If you have someone to spoil this Valentine’s Day, then why not treat him to a cheeky sex toy that won’t break the bank, leaving plenty of pennies left over for a fancy meal or something else that will make his day.

    If you’re a single man, then spend those Valentine’s reserves on making February 14th that much more fun for you. After all, to truly find love you have to love yourself, and what better way to love yourself than with a sex toy?

    Regardless of your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, indulgence cums quick and easy (literally) in the form of this week's Awesome Sex Toy, the TENGA Egg Limited Edition Lovers Heart (£9.99).

    TENGA Egg Lovers HeartTENGA eggs are one of the best-selling sex toys for men at Lovehoney. They’re simple, effective, inexpensive and an ideal way to enhance foreplay and masturbation. Their non-anatomical appearance assures they’re non-threatening to look at and their soft, realistic texture and stretchy one-size-fits-all properties make them a thoroughly satisfying addition to a hand shandy.

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, TENGA have released the TENGA Egg Limited Edition Lovers Heart a special edition toy that comes in a strangely black egg case. They’re probably trying to keep things a bit manly as the wrapper is covered in pink pearlescent hearts and the internal texture of the egg is detailed with texturised hearts that lavish their love on your lob on. Effeminacy averted.

    Designed for a single use, TENGA Eggs have a reputation for out living their predicted lifespan, often lasting for four or five uses with care and attention to keep them in tip-top condition. When teamed with water-based lubricant, they are wonderfully slippery and effortlessly slide over the glans to enhance upward and downward strokes of the most pleasing kind.

    The limited edition TENGA Egg Limited Edition Lovers Heart is the ideal first-time sex toy for men yet to try. If your lover is looking to spice things up in the bedroom, then this simple toy could be just what you’re looking for. Everything you need to get started is concealed within the case. A single sachet of water-based lubricant sits neatly inside the centre of the stroker, assuring plenty of slip and slide as you get to grips with one of the slickest manual masturbation toys on the market, and all for the insanely low price of £9.99. Awesome!