1. Lovehoney's Sqweel Spotted in Cinemas...

    Lovehoney's bestselling Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator has made its cinematic debut in French language film "L'Amore Dure Trois Ans" (Love Lasts 3 Years) directed by Frédéric Beigbeder. That's right, the sex toy in L'Amore Dure Trois Ans is a Sqweel!

    The man holding the Sqweel in the film's trailer comments, "It's obviously a woman who invented this to ruin a man's life." How wrong he is though, as the inventor is none other than Mr Trevor Murphy!

    You can see the Sqweel in L'Amour Dure Trois Ans trailer below at around the 1.28 mark.

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    • Sarah: October 08, 2014 00:08
      At 1.33, "a woman designed this to make us look bad" is said. If quotation marks are used, then exact words should be quoted.
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