1. Blue-Haired Hentai Sex Doll

    Ran Amano Japanese Sex Doll - Sexy Fun Times Wow!Japanese animation (anime) is playing a bigger part in Western culture and now makes up a reasonable percentage of televisual viewing in the USA and Europe. Colourful, fun and crazy, the wide eyed and small nosed characters of anime have been dubbed in a multitude of languages, making them universally recognisable as culture figures.

    Chasing monsters, going on adventures and generally being pretty awesome, anime characters are aspirational, appealing and great fun to emulate.

    Perhaps we can thank mainstream anime for the increased interest in Hentai, a sexualised form of anime depicting anything from a raunchy romp between two lovers to space-age sex bots capable of changing gender at will and doing unspeakable things with tentacles.

    Animated porn is no longer the reserve of comic book fans, it’s gone mainstream and it’s getting bigger.

    As all Lovehoney customers know, where there’s a kink there’s a product. Taking Hentai fanaticism to one level above non-functional Dakimakura pillows is this week's Awesome Sex Toy…

    Ran Amano Japanese Blow Up Sex Doll

    Ran Amano is a 5’2” Hentai hottie dressed in her own take on the seifuku Japanese schoolgirl uniform. A sexy sailor sex doll that’s probably the most comely cosplay cutie I’ve ever made exaggerated leaps of joy for. From her teeny-tiny nose to her massive blue saucer eyes and her even bluer hair, she is 100% anime and she is also a fully functional sex doll.

    Beneath Ran Amano’s very provocative sailor uniform (which features buttons and zips just like real clothing) she has a cracking pair of boobs and a single canal extending from her vagina to her ass, allowing you to team her with a variety of pocket pussies and male masturbators. She comes with her own real-feel vagina to give her that fantastic realistic sex doll feel.

    The arrival of Ran Amano and the promise of sexy fun times with a genuine anime babe has already created a bit of a buzz, so we don’t anticipate she’ll be around for long. With a look this cute we expect her to be making appearances as a talking piece as well as being a sexually satisfying blow-up doll.

    A sexy sailor to make all of your Hentai fantasies a reality? Awesome!

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    • jeeoran: January 20, 2012 13:41
      wow, nice product and heave for singles..