1. Sexy and Fun Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Does your Valentine's Day usually goes along the lines of card, flowers, fancy dinner? That old romantic routine is so well worn, it can get boring - so remember to bring the fun as well! From the cuddly to the kinky, we've picked a range of sexy and playful Valentine's ideas that put a whole new spin on the usual hearts and roses.

    Show a warm hearted side

    One hottie in your bed not enough? A heart-shaped hot water bottle, warming massager or warm oil massage candle is a Valentine's Gift that shows you want to lavish warmth and attention on your partner.

    Conjure up some bedroom magic

    Mystery Sex Heart

    With its retro styling and kitsch factor, this heart-shaped magic 8-ball-inspired game is one of our favourite Valentine's Day gift ideas.

    Lovehoney customers keep giving the Mystery Sex Heart (£6.00) 5 star reviews, proving it's a playful way to add some serious sexiness to your Valentine's Day.

    "You never know what to expect with each shake but you just know it's going to be something amazing, for him or for her. I can't say a bad word about this." - Lovehoney Customer Review

    Take your pick darling…

    Run out of inspiration? These love scrolls, suggestion scratchcards and challenges will give you some new ideas for you try. If you're looking for a long-term relationship overhaul from Cupid, opt for one with enough suggestions to keep you going all year - and make sure you keep it up!

    100 Romantic Heart Challenges

    100 Romantic Heart Challenges (£11.99)

    Mini Heart Valentine Scroll Gift Set (£4.99)

    Lover’s Choice 52 Weeks of Romance (£9.99)

    Dazzle and Vajazzle for Valentine's

    Shimmering, sparkling… and that's just their eyes when they sees you 'wearing' these beauties.If you want to catch your lover's eye this Valentine's day, these bling body accessories will ensure their gaze is drawn to all the right places.

    Naughty Love Heart Nipple Tassels

    Naughty Love Heart Nipple Tassels (£5.00)

    Vajazzle Multi Hearts Body Tattoo (£3.00)

    Vajazzle Individual Crystals Body Tattoo (£3.00)

    Give a single red (hot) rose

    Fleur d'Amour Love Rose Petals

    Giving a single red rose has never led to such sexy results (honest!). The Fleur d'Amour Love Rose (£3.99) gives up a raunchy instruction with every petal that's plucked from the stem. Follow the commands and enjoy the experience. The outer petals encourage foreplay while the inner bud is where the action really gets hot and steamy.

    "There are lots of petals with fun things to do to your other half, some being quite rude!" - Lovehoney Customer Review

    Kinky at heart?

    If you want to leave a lasting impression on your lover, these heart-shaped spankers express your love as well as your kinky side! For a more all-round experience, a bondage kit will have everything you need to treat your lover to some seriously sexy bedroom bondage.

    Bondage Boutique Leather Blindfold and Heart Paddle (£15.00)

    Bondage Boutique Deluxe Valentine Gift Set (£20.00)

    Bondage Boutique Leather Blindfold and Triple Heart Paddle (£20.00)

    Send the right message

    Whether you like to leave little love notes for your partner or prefer to ring out your desires like the Town Crier, we've got just what you need to say 'I love you' in a brand new way. Leave sweet or suggestive message on the fridge with a heart-shaped magnet, or ring out your requirements with our playful 'Ring for a…' bells.

    Ring For A Kiss Bell (£5.99)

    Heart-Shaped Message Magnet (£3.00)

    Ring for Sex Bell (£4.99)

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