1. Sex Tricks to Try: Sacrificial Lingerie

    Sex Tricks to Try: Sacrificial Lingerie

    There’s something wild and wonderful about tearing each other’s clothes off - and I’m talking literally. I once had a memorably lustful exchange with a boyfriend who burst in on me in a theatre dressing room, and ripped open the tight Victorian bodice that was part of my costume. As the twenty-odd tiny fastenings pinged across the room, I did for a nano-second think what a pain in the arse it was going to be sewing them all back on, but this was soon eclipsed by the heady euphoria induced by his wanton, button-popping desire.

    That was an unexpected and spontaneous moment, but there’s no reason why with some sexy lingerie you can’t plan a bodice-ripping scenario of your own…

    From a practical point of view it’s best if buttons and seams are quite loose, so you could use old clothes or lingerie that’s on its last legs (which is obviously the most economical if you were already thinking of chucking them).

    On the other hand, if you feel your tatty old smalls just don’t have what it takes anymore, then invest in new lingerie - though you may need to loosen some fixings or stitching so it splits apart more easily. Of course it makes it sexier the more gorgeous you look, but maybe consider undies that are a bit cheaper and flimsier than you’d normally wear - there’s no point in buying quality, because it’s all going to get torn to shreds in the throes of passion anyway. That red nylon G-string you got for Christmas may come in handy after all…

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