1. Masturbation Station

    Pipedream Extreme Deep Throat Masturbation StationRealistic oral sex toys are among the best-selling sex toys for men at Lovehoney but getting it right can be a tricky issue. Sex dolls don’t always cut it as they tend to have heads full of air and lack sufficient pressure. Realistic flesh although weighty can be a little too wobbly to handle smoothly. There needs to be a happy medium between the two. Thanks to my favourite kinksters Pipedream Extreme, you can now experience flawless fellatio without a partner with the eloquently named Masturbation Station (£140.00).

    If you’re looking at the photo thinking it looks familiar, it may be that your little sister had something similar in her toy box. This oral sex simulator has been modelled on the hairdresser dummy and even has heat-styleable hair. In place of the usual hard plastics though is soft and squishy FantaFlesh. This soft and fleshy material extends into her mouth and down into her 6-inch-deep ribbed throat. Push past her lips and you’ll be amazed at how well she stretches to accommodate your length and girth for an incredible deep throat sensation.

    Despite the soft composition of her skin, the whole unit is incredibly solid and the best part of this innovative male sex toy is the sucker base. You can mount this head on any hard surface you like for gratification at any angle complete with obligatory head bobbing - something I’ve not seen on any other sex doll. The finishing touch is a pair of eyes that close shut when you tilt her head back.

    A sucker-mounted deep throat dolly that allows you to practice your hair and make-up skills? Awesome!

    Comments (3)

    • Rosebush: January 18, 2012 04:48
      Why don't manufacturers make a male doll for women on their own - with all the 'bits' WE need?!!
    • Hella Lovehoney: January 18, 2012 08:42
      They do, unfortunately they're not easy to find on our site at present. All of our sex dolls live in the 'sex toys for men' category under realistic sex dolls. There are models of men available and I have an especially exciting one that's just arrived at my desk. :)
    • Hella Lovehoney: January 18, 2012 08:47

      This one's particularly fun. If you're into anal play, you can actually feel his prostate :)