1. Santa's a Swinger! Festive Sex Toy of the Week

    Santa's a Swinger! Festive Sex Toy of the WeekIt’s almost Christmas! Hopefully you’ve done the majority of your Christmas present shopping by now and therefore won’t be braving the cold streets to rifle through the trashed and discounted Xmas tat to find something (anything!) that you can pop a bow on and call a gift.

    If you’ve been following Festive Sex Toy of the Week you’ll have noticed that I’ve covered bondage, sex games, his pleasure and her pleasure in previous weeks. My final Festive Sex Toy is a special sexy gift for couples to enjoy.

    Earlier in the year I chose the Sex Swing Frame as an Awesome Sex Toy of the Week because it’s ideal for couples who are renting a property or want a more inconspicuous way to enjoy the sex swing experience.

    However a frame and separate sex swing make for a pricey investment that is a little too rich for many tastes, especially if you’re not wholly convinced that a sex swing will be a big enough enhancement to your love life to warrant spending that much money on a set-up.

    If you want to get a taster for sex swings without breaking the bank or drilling into ceiling beams then the Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit is the gift you should give to your sex life this Christmas…

    At £54.99, this sex swing kit costs lots less than a regular set up and all you need to get the action going is a sturdy door, no stud finders or power drills required. The swing fits over the top of a door in seconds and is fully adjustable to offer the best positioning for you and your partner. Unlike other over-the-door sex swings, the Door Jam Kit features a really comfortable padded seat and a pair of handles for additional support, so it really is a closely-matched experience.

    I was lucky enough to do the video for this product and I can honestly say that this is one of the most fun pieces of sex furniture I’ve had the opportunity to play with. It’s incredibly sturdy and feels really similar to a full sex swing set-up. The only inhibition comes from having the door behind you, but you can sit both ways in the swing and use the door as a springboard to really get into the experience. Festive!

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    • BashfulBabe: December 22, 2011 17:06
      Hah! i love the expression on Hella's face in that shot. Brilliant. :)
    • Blondii: December 24, 2011 22:34
      I love this product and Hella you model this perfectly and your video really shows how strong this actually is. Love this!
      Merry Christmas all!
    • trevor simpson: December 28, 2011 23:58
      Wow... What a surprise the postman got, when the missus swung into action. Kabouki, she said and kabouki it was!
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