1. TENGA 3D - Festive Sex Toy of the Week

    TENGA 3D - Festive Sex Toy of the WeekChristmas is all about pleasure. The joy of being with your loved ones, the satisfaction that comes from over indulgence and the thrill of being surprised with trinkets you might not think to buy for yourself. Christmas offers the opportunity to show your partner just how much you love them and what better way to demonstrate your affection than with the kind of present that keeps on giving?

    Spreading happiness and joy this Yule is easier than you might imagine and it probably costs a lot less than you think too. If you want to give a gift that will be loved long into the new year and will continue to spread joy beyond the festive season then a sex toy might be just the ticket.

    This week's Festive Sex Toy is all about making him feel fantastic and is perfect for gifting a sex toy virgin as well as an afficianado. Japanese sex toy gurus TENGA have already revolutionised the sex lives of many men with their innovative range of male masturbators and their latest offerings reinterpret the amazing 3D TENGA experience in a simple stroker sleeve.

    The TENGA 3D range bridges the gap between the single use TENGA eggs and the TENGA Flip Hole and is priced between the two at £16.50. Modelled in the realistic TENGA material and textured with geometric shapes, the feeling of these 5 strokers is both realistic and supernatural - a combination that offers incredible stimulation and a perfect stretch fit for him.

    The less bulky style of the TENGA 3D range makes them ideal for enhancing foreplay as well as masturbation, so you’ll be able to easily enjoy one of these strokers together. Festive!

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