1. Bondage Boutique Christmas Gift Set - Festive Sex Toy of the Week

    Bondage Boutique Christmas Gift Set - Festive Sex Toy of the WeekAll of this Christmas lark is bloody hard work, isn’t it? If you’ve got kids they come first and by the time you’ve finished the exhausting task of figuring out which brightly-coloured lump of plastic they’ll favour this year, the stress of shopping for your partner kicks in.

    I’m sure she said she liked that designer perfume by whatshisface. I think the bottle was blue…or pink.

    I think he wanted tickets to that band. They’re Northern. They sing that song. Dum dum dum dummmm. What is their name?


    If you want to take the stress out of Christmas this year, then there is a super-special sexy gift that your lover is bound to be happy with - the Bondage Boutique Christmas Gift Set (£30.00)…

    This six-piece set makes a great Christmas present for adventurous lovers and offers plenty of variety for beginners and experts alike.

    Inside you’ll find:

    • 1 x soft padded blindfold
    • 1 x suede flogger whip
    • 1 x red feather tickler
    • 1 x pair of red velvet handcuffs with white trim
    • 1 x red patent leather ball gag with aerated ball
    • 1 x 10m length of red shibari rope

    All of these bedroom bondage favourites have been created in sexy red shades to accentuate your Christmas holiday in style. Make the most of those days off and spend some quality time with your partner exploring your sexuality together. Now that’s what a call a merry Christmas!

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