1. IOUs For a Sexy Advent - Festive Sex Toy of the Week

    IOUs For a Sexy Advent - Festive Sex Toy of the WeekIt’s bizarre how many Christmas traditions we carry into adulthood. The idea of grown men and women opening their advent calendars, scoffing the chocolate and waiting in anticipation for their Christmas stocking makes me giggle with… well, jealousy.

    If like me your childhood Christmas joy has long since burned out and faded away, perhaps you’d like to join me in festifying your fun in the bedroom instead? You can’t really ‘Bah, humbug!’ that sentiment, can you?

    My first ‘Festive Sex Toy of the Week’ is appearing well in advance of Crimbo. Why? Because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to breathe fresh life into an old Christmas tradition you may have left in your past.

    Instead of stuffing your face this advent, or ignoring it all together, pick up some IOU A Merry Christmas Sex Vouchers (£3.99)…

    They feature 25 individual sexy challenges that will guide you through advent and into Christmas day with a giant smile on your chops.

    Everything from a passionate kiss under the mistletoe to phone sex is on the agenda with these feisty Yuletide vouchers, encouraging you to enjoy your lover and to get into the festive spirit without putting on a pound.

    If you’re feeling extra creative, you can modify your own advent calendar to include a voucher in each window. Simply open the bottom of the calendar, slide out the plastic chocolate holder and use a little piece of sticky tape to affix a folded voucher to the back of each window.

    Just make sure you save your favourite voucher to slip into that sexy stocking you’ll now undoubtedly be considering making for your love. Festive!

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