1. Metal Worx Lockable Cock Ring

    Metal Worx Medium Metal Cock RingA cock ring is a simple device that works wonders in the bedroom. Designed to sit tightly around the penis or penis and testicles, they tend to be relatively nondescript in fashion. Stimulating and vibrating cock rings tend to be a little more interesting, but their curio-rating has nothing on this week's Awesome Sex Toy.

    The Metal Worx Medium Cock Ring (£26.99), Metal Worx Large Metal Cock Ring (£31.99) and Metal Worx Extra Large Metal Cock Ring (£20.00) are more than a functional cock ring, they’re also a tool of chastity… of sorts.

    These metal cock collars close around both the cock and balls, locking shut with a small-but-sturdy padlock to prevent removal. Of course, this allows you to still enjoy your sexual freedom, but not with anyone but your lover and yourself.

    Imagine a chap getting undressed at the end of a swift seduction for his would-be lover to discover one of these gems locking up his family jewels.

    “What’s that?”

    “It’s a cock ring.”

    “Is it locked on?”


    “Can you take it off?”


    “How come?”

    “My partner has the key”

    Epic infidelity fail / fidelity win. The XL cock ring also caught my eye for another reason. At 2.25 inches in diameter, it could make a fetching slave bracelet for a slender-wristed sub.

    Of course the primary functions of this heavy metal bit of kit will always be those of any decent penis ring. Restricting blood flow, it will help you to maintain a bigger, more engorged erection, improve your staying power in the bedroom and ultimately strengthen the intensity of your orgasm.

    The final selling point for this clever cock ring is the travel case. Small, protetive and discreet, it ensures your precious ring is kept safe and away from prying eyes when it’s not being worn.

    Lockable metal cock rings that encourage fidelity as well as increasing your virility and the intensity of your orgasm? Awesome.

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    • BashfulBabe: November 16, 2011 20:10
      The fella had me wearing his leather cock ring as a bracelet, was really fun knowing what it really was. ;)
    • Mr Monster: November 17, 2011 02:25
      That is nice. But if the correct fit for a cock-ring is for it only to be tight when the penis is erect, couldn't this be slipped off when flaccid, like a solid ring?

      I'd be concerned about restricting blood-flow if it was tight enough not to come off.

    • BashfulBabe: November 17, 2011 08:21
      I'd assume that if placed around the shaft and balls, it could stay on while flaccid without being tight or posing any danger, as it'd leave enough room to jiggle about, and to get out if you really wanted to, but might involve popping a testicle in the process, so you'd have to REALLY want out.
    • Lovehoney Hella: November 17, 2011 12:21
      Having spent many many nights in Torture Garden around chaps wearing only cock rings as an outfit, I can say without hesitation that many cock-and-ball rings stay put while flaccid. The purpose of a tighter ring being to deter from erections.

      You wouldn't generally buy the same size of cock ring to wear as a collar as you would to wear functionally to restrict blood flow. Although many men do.

    • Dom Ware: April 01, 2015 21:33
      I found your site interesting and hope to make a purchase soon
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