1. Lovehoney Team Tees Off in Aid of Wiltshire Air Ambulance

    Lovehoney Golf Logo

    It's a little known fact that the Lovehoney office has its own indoor putting green. (No, really.) With such a unique office feature, it might not come as a surprise that the company is home to several prolific golf players.

    One enthusiast is Customer Care Manager Matt Oxford, who recently captained a Lovehoney-sponsored team in a charity golf tournament raising awareness and much-needed funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

    The hours of practice on the astroturf must have paid off as Matt's team won the day.

    Congratulations to Matt and all who played and raised money for the cause.

    Lovehoney also donated a prize to the winning team… the details of which remain a closely guarded secret!

    Comments (2)

    • Pixie_Murree: November 02, 2011 20:27
      Congrats to Matt and all at Lovehoney - a really deserving cause x
    • George Thomas: November 03, 2011 08:59
      I helped arrange the event and I was so pleased that Lovehoney won.
      A great bunch of fun guys - well done and we have you penned in to defend your trophy.
      Thanks George