1. Lovehoney Video Highlights - It's Zombie Killing Time!

    Halloween is upon us and here at Lovehoney we've been preparing ourselves for a zombie apocalypse and have filmed four videos about how to kill a zombie with sex toys. If you haven't seen the zombie videos yet, you can check out the very first, 'Part 1: BZSM - Bondage, Zombies, Sadism and Masochism'. With awesome instructions on how to defeat zombies using only sex toys, Hella and The Professor tackle one with a ball gag, bondage restraints and a Kinklab Neon Wand.

    Love this video? There are three others to check out too. They can be viewed on the blog post How To Defeat Zombies Using Sex Toys. Or, you can go onto Lovehoney's YouTube channel and watch all four zombie videos.