1. Perfect Post-Apocalypse Pleasure - Spooky Sex Toy of the Week

    Rechargeable sex toys and mains-powered vibes are brilliant as they’re economic and high powered, allowing you to enjoy hours and hours and hours of sexual pleasure without the need to buy expensive batteries. But once the zombie apocalypse comes it’s only a matter of time before the power is switched off and supplies of batteries run out, rendering all of your sex toys useless.

    There’s only one thing more depressing than a full-on zombie invasion and that’s a full-on zombie invasion without satisfying masturbation. If your boyfriend is out all night eating some other girl’s brains, you’re going to feel mightily dejected when your collection of sex toys is devoid of power. What’s a girl to do?!

    There is one shining beacon of sexual satisfaction in the post apocalyptic void and that beacon is my Spooky Sex Toy of the Week - the SolarStim Solar-Powered Bullet Vibrator

    The clever-bod inventors of this remarkable bullet vibe have clearly been anticipating the end of the world for some time, allowing them to release this sex-life-saving vibe well ahead of Z-Day.

    SolarStim is powered via its own solar panel that fully charges within 8 hours to provide a staggering 60 minutes of high-powered vibrations. Pop the solar charger out during the zombie-free daylight hours and all of your apocalyptic frustrations will melt away, leaving a more relaxed you to deal with the mundane task of sweeping discarded zombie body parts off of your drive way.

    A sex toy that doesn’t quit even in the face of a zombie apocalypse? Spooky!

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