1. Introducing Lelo's New Remote Control Sex Toys for Couples

    Introducing Lelo's New Remote Control Sex Toys for CouplesIntroducing the new Lelo SenseMotion™ Insignia range. These three innovative sex toys use the highest quality materials and newest technology to bring your sex life into the 21st century. Forget clunky plastic, jelly rubber and wired controls and say LELO to the future of sex with this trio of luxury sex toys.

    Lyla, Tiani and Oden have been designed for sharing, with long-range movement-sensitive remote controls. Using SenseMotion™ technology, the remotes that control the vibrators are activated by movement, allowing you to increase or decrease the speed of vibration with just a tilt of the wrist. Holding the remote flat activates the lowest setting while tilting it vertically sends the toy into a high-powered frenzy.

    The remote control vibrates in time with the toy, a clever twist that ensures you give your partner the right stimulation at the right time. Even if you’re in a different room to your partner, you’ll be able to feel everything they’re experiencing in the palm of your hand, allowing you to better empathise with their desires and easily fulfil them.


    Read on to explore the range in more detail…

    All three of the new Insignia vibes are made from silicone and ABS plastic and have a waterproof finish to both the remote and the toy itself, opening up new realms of pleasure. The remotes operate from 12 metres (39 feet) away and will operate for between 1 and 2 hours per 2 hour charge.

    Tiani - £60.00

    The flagship product in the new range is Tiani, a couples' vibrator that is worn by her to provide simultaneous internal and external stimulation. The petite internal stimulator is small enough to allow him to penetrate her during wear while a larger external stimulator delivers vibrations directly to the clitoris.

    Tiani has a secondary use set to replace remote-controlled love eggs and vibrating panties. Fans of clitoral stimulation have often felt that traditional toys for public play fall short, but this clever toy allows for discreet external stimulation for a more orgasmic experience.

    Lyla - £99.99

    LylaFor those who prefer internal stimulation, Lyla provides the same remote-controlled experience in a G-spot-indulging vibrating love egg. Shaped to exert just the right amount of pressure to engorge and satisfy, it also has a shapely tip to ensure expert clitoral stimulation when used as a bullet vibe.

    Oden - £109.99

    The final toy is Oden, a new-style cock ring for pleasure. Worn by him, it has an open ring designed to support the stimulating bullet without restricting blood flow too much. Designed as a pleasure object over a virility aid, both partners benefit from the added sensation of expert vibrations while she can also expect better clitoral stimulation during penetration.

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    • BashfulBabe: October 15, 2011 16:33
      Just got my Tiani yesterday, it's so dinky! Having plenty of fun fiddling with it by myself, but can't wait to get my hands on the fella next week and see how it *really* works. ^_^
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