1. The Vampire-Friendly Cock Ring - Spooky Sex Toy of the Week

    The benefits of vibrating cock rings are well documented but your partner doesn’t need to be one of the walking dead to enjoy the sexy pleasures of this blood red ring. Styled in silicone with supernaturally stretchy composition, it’s presented on a coffin card to make it the perfect spooky gift for your loving spectre.

    The Death by Orgasm Fang Banger Vibrating Cock Ring (£14.99) is a silicone cock ring with a difference. Designed to slip around the penis and testicles, it provides a comfortable restriction that enhances erections by restricting blood flow. No surprises there.

    The excitement comes in the form of the two vibrating bullets - there’s one for him and one for her. The smaller bullet sits beneath the testicles, enhancing his pleasure and the intensity of his orgasm. The larger bullet sits at the top of the cock ring and features a ghoulish pair of fangs that press against the clitoris during sex to ensure the best-possible stimulation for her in every position.

    Each bullet operates independently so you can choose to run one bullet, both or neither to suit your mood. Best of all, it’s garlic free, undead-friendly and 'holy water'-proof too. I don’t recommend it for use by zombies though as the restrictive tension and body rot don’t tend to make body-happy bedfellows.

    A vampire-friendly cock ring with double the pleasure? Awesome!

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    • Julian Spong: October 13, 2011 13:44
      Excellent looking cock ring, especially given the time of the year I will have to invest in one, you never know what treats are in store on Halloween