1. Inflatable Sex Furniture

    I’m a fantasy shopper and I love to spend hours trawling through websites adding lots of things to the basket with no intention of buying them. If I transferred everything in my Lovehoney wishlist to my basket right now, the total cost would be £1,516.77. Yeouch!

    In my ideal world I’d have my big house and I’d fill it with sex furniture. An elaborate four-poster with incorporated restraints, a leather chaise longue that folds out into a play platform and a mega sex swing suspended from the ceiling of my play room. In reality I live in a one-bedroom flat and there is simply nowhere that a St Andrew’s Cross would fit unless I chuck out my Chesterfield sofa. Dilemma!

    What I need is something compact but still full sized and inexpensive enough for a modest salary to afford. Inflatable sex furniture isn’t a new concept, but it hasn’t always been executed to great effect, but this week's Awesome Sex Toy has it covered…

    The Cupid’s Couch Sex Sofa inflates to the size of a spanking bench or full-sized sex chair, ensuring you have plenty of room to experiment with new sexual positions. The sloping curves of the furniture are placed to enhance sexual positions for more satisfying sex and allow for deeper penetration than you can manage flat on your back in bed.

    There are four handles on Cupid’s Couch to provide support, but these are also suitable for use with soft bondage restraints such as Sex & Mischief’s range. Inflating quickly with the included powered pump, you can have a full-sized piece of sex furniture or bondage furniture in any room of your home in minutes. With a spiel like that you might well be expecting a hefty price tag to follow but Cupid’s Couch retails at £109.99. Bargain!

    Full-size sex furniture that fits under the stairs and costs less than £100? Awesome!

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    • Silverdrop: September 22, 2011 03:55
      How big is the mini-couch in comparison to the full size? I'd like to see a photo of them side by side, or one of a model sitting in the mini-couch.
    • Lovehoney Hella: September 22, 2011 14:10

      I've added updated measurements to both products. Jenny and I had them both out and have taken some photos of them together which I'll stick into a separate blog post at some stage explaining the differences (just as soon as time allows, my life is all about the product descriptions right now!) and this will also be linked within the product descriptions once it's live. :)

      The main difference is in length - the mini measures up at 74 inches long and the big one at 92 inches long. There's marginal difference in width. The second difference is that the big couch has handles and the little couch doesn't. Hope that helps for now! :)

    • Lovehoney - Alice: September 27, 2011 12:57
      It's live!


    • Lovehoney Hella: September 28, 2011 21:33