1. New Luxurious Swan Vibrators

    The new, elegant range of Swan vibrators have been perfectly shaped to meet your pleasure needs. All Swan vibrators are rechargeable and are completely covered in soft, high-quality silicone that gives you 100% play area - there’s absolutely no part that you can’t use. With varying shapes and sizes, all designed for different methods of stimulation and pleasure, you can find something for you in this amazing range of luxury vibrators.

    Each vibrator has been modelled after a different breed of swan, and each is designed to target different erogenous zones throughout your body. Opt for the Trumpeter Swan for intense, targeted clitoral stimulation or go for the Royal Swan for a luxurious rabbit vibrator. They make the perfect gift for your partner as they’re classically designed and a great, long-lasting investment in pleasure. They come packaged within a beautifully designed case with a satin storage pouch included.

    Read on to find out our picks from the range…

    Swan vibrators use innovative PowerBullet motor technology to offer incredible charge-life coupled with powerful vibrations and functions. With such a variety of different shapes and functions, there’s something for everyone in this gorgeous luxury range of vibrators.

    If you love G-spot stimulation

    Perfect for catering to all your G-spot needs, Tundra Swan has been specifically curved to meet and stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of your G-spot during penetration. Its powerful motor means that you can use it for clitoral stimulation too, but internally Tundra Swan goes the extra distance to please you.

    If you love clitoral stimulation

    Trumpeter Swan is long, slim and extremely sexy. It was the original design for the entire Swan collection and has a flexible neck for satisfying stimulation anywhere. Although you can use Trumpeter Swan for G-spot stimulation (remember that you can use both ends of all Swan sex toys), but it’s angled perfectly for diirect clitoral pleasures too.

    If you love all-round pleasure

    Royal Swan upgrades the classic rabbit vibrator with a gorgeously soft 100% silicone body. Two separate motors mean there's a delciious squirming sensation to stimulate your G-spot, and a powerful head to nuzzle against your clitoris.

    Whooper Swan has two motors and a large head which nestles against the sensitive nerve endings around the opening of the vagina while the flexible head moves against your clit.

    The Silver Swan is slightly different to the other rabbit vibrator shaped Swans. It had a substantially sized head that’s perfect for anyone who likes to have a deep, full feeling.

    If you want a more pleasurable Kegel workout

    The Swan Clutch has a single motor in its head and operates with ‘Squeeze-Me’ technology which means as you work your muscles the toy rewards you with delicious vibrations. As with all Swan’s, it is made from luxury silicone, but unlike the other vibes the Clutch can be used as both a sex toy and Kegel balls.