1. A Male Masturbator That's Out of This World

    Alien FleshlightIn the vast expanse that is the universe, it’s likely that somehow, somewhere there are planets other than our own inhabited by intelligent and sexy life forms. Aliens have been interpreted in many ways but those central to our sexual fantasies tend to be humanoid in form. My ideal sexy alien is Seven of Nine, a rehabilitated Borg hottie with mega boobs and a catsuit that makes my imagination go a bit haywire. Other classics include Sil from Species, Servalan from Blake’s 7 and of course Doctor Who.

    The more advanced cinematic interpretations of aliens become, the better our xxxtra-terrestrial fantasies become. You’ve already seen the Inflatable Alien Sex Doll in my Six of the Strangest Sex Dolls feature, but this budget doll is only one small step for man’s exploration of other-worldly sex.

    Intergalactic dating is still a long way off (or is it?), but thanks to this Awesome Sex Toy of the Week, you can take a giant leap for mankind’s pleasure without the expensive rocket fuel bills. The Alien Fleshlight Ice is inspired by ‘This Ain’t Avatar XXX in 3D’ - A sci-fi spectacular set in an alien world that stars Fleshlight girl and adult star, Misty Stone.

    This special-edition Fleshlight can’t be accused of being the average realistic male masturbator. The internal sleeve is a vivid blue colour with a realistic vagina entry that has not one, but two clitorises. Some humanoid alien species have all of the luck! True to form, the Alien Fleshlight has its own unique texture that is an amalgamation of three of the top Fleshlight sleeves - Vortex, Speed Bump and Lotus. This trio of intense textures makes ‘going where no man has gone before’ the best idea since Starfleet had Sisko posted in the Gamma Quadrant.

    A real-feel alien vagina that won’t take lightyears to reach your bedroom? Awesome!

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    • BashfulBabe: September 14, 2011 17:30
      Have to say, the fact that the only review on the site for it is by a guy named 'CaptBlueBalls' just caps it all off for me. ^_^