1. A Jawbreaking Ball Gag

    jawbreaker ball gag

    Ball gags are a must-have accessory for every dedicated BDSM player, but the taste of some rubber ball gags can be a little off putting. You can choose a silicone ball gag to ensure that your gag will taste neutral or you can try something a little different thanks to the Awesome Sex Toy of the Week.

    This innovative ball gag has a nice big ball measuring 2 inches in diameter to ensure the mouth is securely muffled and a highly adjustable PVC strap to hold it firmly in place. The ball is attractive, decorative and best of all - edible.

    The Kinklab Jawbreaker Gobstopper Ball Gag is made using a retro gobstopper sweet in place of the ball making bad-tasting ball gags a thing of the past.

    The ball is completely solid and has a channel drilled through the centre to allow the ball to rotate for even sucking. Hardcore players will love the challenge of remaining gagged until the gobstopper has been demolished in its entirety, but it will take some dedication.

    I wore one of these babies at my desk for an hour and a half and barely made a dent. The gobstopper is layered just like the regular candies so the colour of the ball changes as it’s sucked smaller.

    A ballgag that’s also a tasty masochistic treat? Awesome!

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    • Alice: February 08, 2019 22:38
      Why has it been discontinued i cant find any nice candy gags any more :(
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