1. Rubber Girl: Lovehoney's Model of the Month

    Every month, Lovehoney customers upload photographs of themselves modelling lingerie bought from the site with the hopes of becoming the Model of the Month and winning £100 to spend on sex toys, sexy lingerie or kinky costumes.

    Our winner this month is Liquidsugar who modelled the Rubber Girl Latex Wear Mini Dress With Suspenders (£39.99) and a pair or gorgeous crochet knit stockings. We're partial to a lovely bottom, especially when teamed with a knowing look and Mona Lisa smile.

    We also loved the setting of this photo, which brought to mind opulent scenes of hedonism and debauchery in large stately homes.

    Congratulations on winning the Model of the Month crown for August and a £100 shopping spree to go with it!

    It was a well-deserved victory with close competition from some other fantastic photos, with two in particular that deserve honorable mentions (and some Oh! Points too).

    We loved this shot of Pixie_Murree and the way the wallpaper reflected the pattern of the lingerie she was modelling. Carrying on the paisley theme, we loved the dreamy quality of this photo of cheer_up and the way she has concealed her identity without her head looking obviously cropped out. Well done to both!

    If you want to be in with a chance to win a £100 shopping spree on Lovehoney, just upload a picture of yourself wearing sexy lingerie or costumes and check the Lovehoney blog next month.

    Upload a photo to Lovehoney and you could be Model of the Month and win £100 to spend!

    Comments (4)

    • xXx: September 01, 2011 15:04
      I thought those photos were fantastic as well. Well done LiquidSugar! A well deserved win. That pic made me look at the product image and make me want one. >.<

      Congrats to all the runner ups as well. =]

    • Lovehoney Hella: September 01, 2011 20:20
      It was so hard to choose a photo this month. We loved those three so much, but Liquidsugar had the edge with that gorgeous pose and the composition. It's a stunning photo. :)
    • Pixie_Murree: September 01, 2011 21:22
      Thank you very much Lovehoney for choosing me as a runner up and well done to LiquidSugar. Fantastic photo! xxx
    • cheer_up: September 03, 2011 01:01
      Liquidsugar looks absolutely stunning! Definitely deserved to win this month :)

      Well done to Pixie_Murree as well; that photo is truly gorgeous.

      Thank you LH :)

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