1. Which is your favourite 69 position? Poll results!

    Favourite 69 oral sex positionThose who love oral sex know that the 69 position is a great way of making sure that both partners get all of the pleasure and attention they deserve.

    Everyone has a different preference about how they position themselves during 69, who goes on top? Do you compromise and go for it side by side?

    Our most recent poll: 'Which is your favourite 69 position?' has ended and we've discovered that Lovehoney customers generally prefer 69 with the woman on top.

    55% of those who voted said that they preferred it when it was, 'her on top'.

    That's an overwhelming majority when you consider that the slightly easier position of 'side by side' only achieved 27% of the votes and 'him on top' gained just 18%.

    Do you agree with the majority? Leave a comment letting us know which is you favourite 69 position and why…

    It seems that there were a lot of factors as to why 'her on top' came in first place. When it was discussed on this thread in the Lovehoney forum, it was suggested that this was because women are generally shorter than their partners, so it's easier for them to position themselves - or it could be that people just like the view that comes with a woman on top!

    Our next poll: 'Do you or your partner own a stroker?' is now live. Whatever your opinion is on strokers and sleeves we would love to hear from you!

    If you fancy commenting on the poll, visit the the forum thread 'Do you or your partner own a stroker?' to discuss.

    As always, a massive thank you goes to everyone who voted in our last poll.

    Do you agree with the majority? Leave a comment letting us know which is you favourite 69 position and why…

    Comments (3)

    • BashfulBabe: August 20, 2011 14:11
      I'm one of the 18%, much prefer him on top. Part of it is the same as the majority - because I'm shorter - so I find if I'm lying on my back I can stretch my head back so my throat is straightened and I can (or, well, he can!) get a better angle to take it all. Also, if I'm on top, my titchy legs mean I can't really hold up off him, so I'd end up suffocating him.

      I also find if he's on top, I don't have to use my hands to support my weight, so I can use them to play about a bit more.

      Plus I love the feeling of pressure from a body on top on mine. ;)

    • Lovehoney - Alice: August 22, 2011 14:02
      BashfulBabe - I am definitely with you on this one!
    • Mario: May 30, 2018 18:40
      How about male and female responses ? That information would be useful for all