1. How to 69

    How to 69

    The ‘69’ is the most famous position for some mutual oral stimulation, and it definitely ticks the box for promoting equality between the sheets.

    Unfortunately it’s often better in theory than practice. If you (understandably) lose concentration as you head for your happy place, then your partner misses out, and vice-versa.

    It’s an idea to try lying head to toe on your sides, with a pillow or cushion supporting your heads - or you can just rest on each other’s thighs. This is a good position for minimising neck strain, and it leaves your hands free to help. You can gain better access to each other if both parties keep the top leg bent, with knees pointing upwards.

    Sexpert Suzi Godson has some wise words to add: “The combination of the visual and physical sensations can be extremely erotic during simultaneous oral sex, but to be honest, many people find it difficult to concentrate on their own and their partner’s pleasure at the same time. It’s a bit like trying to rub your head and pat your stomach at once”.

    No harm in practising though – I’m all for multi-tasking…