1. Transformers: Sex Toys in Disguise

    Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff BraceletI love those moments when you discover that a friend, colleague or new acquaintance is a little on the kinky side. More often than not those moments are restricted to drunken office nights out or stumbling across a naughty piece of paraphernalia at a dinner party, but there are more subtle pointers offered up by dedicated kinksters.

    The Lelo Insignia range comes with a pretty brooch that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if pinned to the lapel of an evening jacket and Ring of O- which comes from the classic Story of O - adorns many fingers (including my own) without so much as a comment. In an everyday nod to our sexual inner selves, these little markers make us feel part of a secret society and it’s all a bit fun to take part in. Unfortunately, these trinkets aren’t functional and always leave us extroverts wanting more. Cue Incoqnito.

    Somewhere between the top drawer of your bedside cabinet and your jewellery box are Incoqnito’s stylish and practical BDSM tools and bondage restraints. More subtle than high-fashion gimp masks but just as alluring, Incoqnito uses the best materials to create beautiful accessories you can wear with business attire or just some sexy lingerie.

    The Incoqnito Luxury Leather Handcuff Bracelet is made from the most luxurious leather. Both cuffs slip onto the same wrist when worn as jewellery and are suspended by a delicate-looking silver chain. Despite the dainty look of these cuffs, once they’re used as a bedroom bondage restraint they’re surprisingly sturdy. Having given them a good few yanks, I’m satisfied that they’ll withstand the most passionate foray.

    Those looking for something a little more hardcore should check out the Incoqnito Nipple Vibrator Droplet Chain. Each end of the chain is weighted with a tiny metal bullet vibrator which pulls a cord noose closed around the nipples. What at first glance is a pretty chain is a pair of vibrating nipple clamps in reality. Awesome!