1. Have you ever experience female ejaculation? Poll results!

    Have you experienced female ejaculation poll

    Female ejaculation is often considered as the holy grail of sex. Notoriously difficult to achieve because of the amount of time and G-spot stimulation needed - reserved for porn stars and the lucky few.

    Our poll: 'Have you ever experienced female ejaculation?' produced some really interesting (and surprising!) results.

    It turns out that among Lovehoney customers, female ejaculation isn't rare - it's actually quite common!

    Over 56% of people say that they have experienced female ejaculation compared to just 43% who say they haven't.

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    Thank you to everyone who participated in our last poll!

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    • Sara: March 14, 2012 21:00
      Yes I have experienced female ejaculation (also know commonly as squirting) :) im 25 and have only experienced this with my current partner of 2 years.. I remember the first time I done this and I was shocked and embarrassed I laughed it of but It did feel so much better then a orgasm! Now when I female ejaculate I just enjoy it! And let my self go in the moment of it all, My partner loves it when he gets me to reach to female ejaculation