1. Forget Hybrid Cars, Try Hybrid Sex Machines

    Have you ever felt that using a dildo felt too much like hard work? Do you find it hard to angle your toys to get a really satisfying penetration solo? Fear not, this week's Awesome Sex Toy is here to alleviate all of your self-pleasuring woes.

    The Monkey Rocker Hybrid is an eco-friendly sex machine that’s compatible with flat-based dildos and Vac-U-Lock accessories to offer you a penetrative thrill with virtually no effort.

    These beauties are handcrafted with oodles of attention to detail. The mechanism that controls a thrusting central point to which you affix your pleasure tool is controlled entirely by your momentum, meaning there are no motors to wear out and no speeds to get to grips with. You control the pace and the Monkey Rocker obediently reciprocates. Why can’t all partners behave like this?

    To have a Monkey Rockeringly good time, simply sit on the stool with your legs akimbo and grind your hips. The central point bobs up and down offering a perfect thrust, the slower you grind, the more gentle the penetration. Speed things up for a harder, faster fix.

    There’s even a handle to grab onto if you like it really rough, allowing you to really get a bucking-bronco-style shag. Yeehaw!

    An eco-friendly sex machine that’s sensitive to your sexual needs? Awesome!

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