1. Sex On Legs

    If you saw the Pipedream Extreme Realistic Vagina Ass and Legs Maturabtor from a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that some poor hottie had been horrifically dismembered.

    If I had the cash spare, I’d buy this giant male masturbator and position it halfway down a fox hole before sitting down to the local news and delighting at my own joke. The escaped tiger soft toy pranksterwould have nothing on me.

    The latest addition to the Pipedream Extreme range is an impressive set of pins and a delectable derriere.

    Peachy, pert and so intricately cast that even the nodules at the base of the model’s spine have been captured, this realistic sex doll is a perfect replication of a woman from her supple feet to her spankable tush.

    As I’ve chatted about in my various guides, it’s hard to find a sex doll with a face that does her naughty bits justice. While some brands endeavour to find a cost-effective way of replicating female facial features, others like the Pipedream Extreme range delivers aesthetically accurate partial sex dolls with just your favourite bits.

    Crafted from Fanta Flesh, an incredible material that mimics the surface texture and density of real skin and flesh, every inch of this male masturbator feels soft, smooth and bouncy. She has two penetrable holes which lead to a singular canal that is thoughtfully filled with natural slopes, bumps and textures to closely mimic sex with a real woman. Whole, half or otherwise.

    Weighing in at over 9kg, this is one serious wad of Fanta Flesh to get to grips with. She’s also incredibly floppy as she hasn’t been fitted with an internal skeleton. Although at first holding she may feel like a dead mermaid, it doesn’t take long to note the advantages of her flexible form.This bendy babe can be ploughed in every direction without fear of damage and can even be partially folded to make storage as easy as she is.

    The perfect gift for the leg, ass or foot man in your life. Awesome!

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