1. A List of Some of the Stranger Fetishes

    A List of Some of the Stranger Fetishes

    Are you a plushophile? Want to know what entomophilia entails? Read on…

    Acrotomophilia:Becoming aroused by the sight – or the thought of having sex with someone with an amputation.

    Amaurophilia:Liking your partner to be blindfolded - or having sex in total darkness.

    Emetophilia:or ‘Roman showers’ - being turned on by vomit or vomiting.

    Entomophillia: Gaining sexual pleasure from having insects crawl over your genitals.

    Eproctophilia: The sexual attraction to flatulence.

    Formicophilia:Gaining sexual pleasure from having ants (in particular) crawl over your genitals.

    Inflatophilia: An attraction to inflatable dolls, toys and balloons.

    Klismaphilia: Sexual arousal from enemas.

    Plushophilia: Finding stuffed, fluffy animals - or people dressed up in animal costumes erotic.

    Pyrophilia:Becoming sexually aroused by playing with fire.

    Taphephilia: Sexual stimulation from being buried alive. Not very common.

    Tricophilia: A fetish with pubic, or head hair.

    Zielophilia: sexual arousal from jealousy.

    Zoophilia: An erotic attraction to an animal.

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    • The Nymphomaniac: July 09, 2011 16:33
      I recently started putting together a list of “Philia’s”, mainly for personal reference and spelling.

      As you have already put entomophilia and formicophilia I thought it might be worth mentioning arachnephilia which is arousal from spiders.... *shudders*

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