1. Hella's Picks of the Summer Sex Toys Sale

    The Lovehoney Summer Sale is hotting up summer days and nights with a scorching range of cheap sexy lingerie, bargainous presents and satisfying sale sex toys. Many of our sale lines are already selling out, but don’t fret! We’ve scheduled lots of surprise sale items that will be added in the coming days, so make sure you check back to avoid disappointment.

    I’ll be popping by the blog throughout sale time to give you a heads up on our hottest sale items, helping help you seek out the best cheap sex toys and erotic bargains that really are too good to miss.

    For Her

    Sweet Streak Waspie Peasant's Bustier - £16.00

    This sexy waist cincher has all of the sex appeal of a corset in a comfortable bustier. Versatile enough to wear with anything from jeans to a G-string, this pretty bustier has oodles of sex appeal. We’ve even given you the exact measurements for each size in the description to ensure you’ll find a fit that’s perfect for you.

    Orb de Solace Twin Vibrating Balls - £3.00

    This pair of vibrating balls offer an modern twist on the Oriental balls of old. If you’re a fan of clitoral stimulation, popping these in before play will help to build your orgasm to a more intense climax. G-spot and A-spot fans will love their ability to nuzzle both of these sensitive spots with minimal effort. Just pop them in and turn them on.

    For Him

    Dirk Yates Ammo KP-20 Cyberskin Knob Polisher Grenade - £10.00

    This cheeky male masturbator is made from a realistic-feeling material but also looks like a hand grenade! If you’ve never tried a male masturbation sex toy before, then this is a great one to start off with. The inside is filled with stacks of pronounced ridges that massage your length with every stroke, intensifying solo sex for a more satisfying orgasm.

    Hardware Rapid Mounting Hexagonal Nut Vibrating Cock Ring - £5.00

    This beefy vibrating cock ring sits around the cock and balls to enhance all sexual pleasures. Wearing this stretchy TPR ring around your boys will help you to last longer, allowing you to build your orgasm to a more intense climax. As if that wasn’t enough, the full-sized vibrating bullet mounted on top intensifies things even further - for you and your partner.

    15% off ALL Fleshlights

    As an extra-special treat for you boys, we’ve discounted our entire range of Fleshlight male masturbators for a limited time. You lucky, lucky things!

    For Couples

    Booty Parlor 'Don't Stop' Massage Candle - Spicy Cinnamon Chocolate - £12.00

    This luxury candle looks stunning, smells incredible and feels amazing. Light the wick and allow a little pool of melted wax to accumulate before gently drizzling it onto your partner’s skin for a massage experience unlike any other. The specially-crafted candle holder has a little spout built in to make drizzling the warm massage wax onto the skin extra easy.

    Sex in the Shower Dual Shower Head - £15.00

    If like me you love sex in the shower, then you’ll love this thoughtful shower head. Because it has two outlets instead of one, the jets of water spread across a larger area to ensure that neither you or your lover is left out in the cold. Designed to allow both of you to get a fair share of hot water during play, both heads can be individually adjusted to provide a generous spray or pulsing massage to really enhance your steamy shower sessions.

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