1. The Busty Autofellatio Doll

    Mia Isabella's Realistic Ride Transexual Sex DollThis amalgamation of sex doll parts can’t have been in the office for more than a minute before it was hauled out of the box for closer inspection.

    No creature has ever graced the face of this rock with such a composition of erotic lady and man bits in such close proximity.

    Regardless of your sexual quirks, your first thought upon seeing Mia Isabella’s Realistic Ride Transexual Sex Doll is likely to be “What in all that is sacred is this thing?”.

    That’s a good question, and one I’m happy to answer.

    This is one of the range of Mia Isabella toys we’ve recently taken delivery of at Lovehoney. A sensational transsexual adult star, Mia is the dream girl… with quite a meaty something extra between her killer pins…

    This table-top sex doll incorporates the best bits of Mia to create a stellar masturbator from realistic flesh. Opt for anal and penile stimulation at once while getting a grip on those fanatastic ta-tas (which have irresistibly-tweakable nipples) or enjoy the 9-inch cock, 4-inch throat and bubbly jubblies separately. Awesome!

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