1. Do the Black Widow

    Darling, you’re the fly to my spider and I’m gonna eat ya.

    Unfortunately we don’t have spider and fly costumes to go with this kinky bondage set (who does?), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the fettered joy of this restraint kit.

    The stuff that goth fantasies are made of, the Spider Web Bondage Restraints kit contains an over-the-bed base in the shape of a spiderweb that simply slides over the corners of your mattress to secure it in place.

    Suitable for double, queen and king size beds, it’s a quick and easy way to transform any sleeping quarters into a den of iniquity.

    Four velcro restraints are included in the kit, allowing you to truss your lover up in all manner of shapes by attaching them to any of the 24 spiderweb straps before mating with them and eating them alive. Awesome!

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    • Seán: June 15, 2011 22:39
      Ok I totally want one of these!