1. Vegazzling: Misusing Vegetables the Lovehoney Way

    The Only Way is Essex may be over and while the last flecks of your Vajazzle are losing their shine, you may be wondering how to add that Essex sparkle to other areas of your life.

    Worry no longer as we introduce - Vegazzling. With one simple step you can make your aubergines alluring, your courgettes comely and put a whole new spin on stuffed peppers.


    Judging by the number of people searching for Lovehoney for vegazzle, vegazzling and vegazzles there's clearly demand from people looking to kinkily encrust their vegetables.

    Check out the following suggests for Lovehoney's perfect dinner party Vajazzle and vegetable pairings.

    Sexy Vegetable Courgette Vegazzling

    Sexy Vegetable Aubergine Vegazzling

    Sexy Vegetable Pepper Vegazzling

    Butternut Squash Sexy Vegetable Vegazzling

    Sexy Vegetables Potato Vegazzling

    Banana Sexy Fruit Frujazzling

    Comments (3)

    • SnL: June 02, 2011 17:01
      This is a Come Dine With Me idea. Great for dinner parties haha.
    • John: June 07, 2011 11:09
      Fantastic... funny and very informative.... really enjoy this site in many ways, so glad I joined... maybe you should start up a chat room...

      hope you are all well


      Mac xxx

    • Lovehoney - Alice: June 08, 2011 15:20
      Thanks Mac! You should check out the Lovehoney Forum: www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/

      I think you'll like it there!