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  1. The Man Eater from Outer Space

    Man Eater from Outer Space Male MasturbatorAnother ‘WTF is this?’ moment. It looks like something that fell out of a Happy Meal with its big face and suspicious-looking navel.

    This neon being is the Man Eater From Outer Space (well, of course it is) and it’s actually a vibrator for men…

    Man Eater from Outer Space Male MasturbatorIts belly button is a power switch that will take you through three speeds of teasing vibration. You then grip this little critter by the scruff of its neck and run its pointy-teeth-filled trap along the length of your man meat as it buzzes away with varying intensities to excite your sexy bits.

    Having a little play with it, it does have a kick to it and I reckon they might have something good here. It’s not at all scary (in real sex toy terms) and is more likely to end up in your possession as a gag gift than a sex aid, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this isn’t a nice big of kit. To get things started, roll his hungry face over the glans and balls for out-of-this-world stimulation. Treat yourself to a two-hand shandy using this blighter and you can expect an intensified orgasm that will shake the word ‘novelty’ right out of your noggin.

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