1. How to Choose a Luxury Sex Toy for Men

    Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male VibratorLuxury male masturbators carry quite a hefty price tag and even though you might flirt with the idea of buying one, the cost difference between a cheap stroker and a luxury masturbator makes the topic worth researching so you can find the right male toy for you.

    There's a huge variety of products, from realistic life-size toys to high-tech Japanese innovations - but with a few key features in common: they’ll last longer, they feel more intense and they’re likely to make you wonder why you bothered with the cheaper stroker that was previously a bedside favourite.

    This guide takes a closer look at luxury male masturbators and explains why you should take the plunge and reap the rewards of something more upmarket.

    Luxury Realistic Sex Toys

    These life-size masturbators are large units that simulate sex - both vaginal and anal and often in multiple positions. They’re made from the most advanced materials that feel like real flesh and skin. As they’re table-top mountable, you can indulge in hands-free masturbation on your bed, on the kitchen table or on just about any surface you want.

    Because they’re bigger, they’re deeper than handheld strokers which typically measure up at between 4 inches and 5 inches in depth, meaning you can lavish more sensation on your length. The thicker composition means they’re likely to last 5 times as long as your hand held models and because they’re often cast from real-life people, their proportions are much more accurate.

    Here’s our most popular male masturbator in action. Designed for doggie-style and anal sex, it’s all about the wobble. Believe me, with one of these in your company it’s impossible to resist a good spanking.

    "I've used a fair few sex toys, and I wish I'd bought this CyberSkin Realistic Vibrating Perfect Ass first because I'd never have needed to buy the others! Yes, it costs a lot of cash but it's far better in look and feel and performance than I ever expected it to be." Read the full review.

    Realistic Vibrating Perfect Ass in Action

    You’ll notice how incredibly realistic they behave when in action and that in itself is a real turn on. You’re not going to get aroused by looking at a floppy jelly stroker covered in pink tendrils, are you?

    Luxury realistic masturbators also come in slightly more unusual body parts to cater for nuances or fetishes. If your thing is slim waists, blow jobs or boobs then there is a masturbator just for you. Smaller than a full-sized sex doll and therefore easier to store, these parts play up to your fantasies and help you fulfill them.

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    High Tech Sex Toys for Men

    Cobra LibreNot all luxury masturbators are of the realistic persuasion. The Cobre Libre is a vibrator for men with a difference. With a relatively small opening, it’s designed to massage the glans with gentle vibrations and patterns. Lovehoney reviewers have gone crazy for this unusual device which doesn’t look all that from the outside - it’s clearly too shallow to fit a whole penis in - but it definitely does the trick.

    "I've worked my way through a variety of eggs, torches, horrible smelly clammy silicone look-alikes, "magic wands" and the rest and have finally found the Cobra Libre. It works amazingly well, add some lube and enjoy. For the first time, I've found out what it must be like for a woman using a vibrator and within just a few minutes of first use, I was having an amazing orgasm. Easy to use, rinse under the warm tap, clever charger connection" Read the full review.

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    Japanese Sex Toys

    The Japanese have been making great sex toys for men for years and they’re particularly appealing to the European and American markets as until relatively recently, it was illegal to create a sex toy in the image of genitalia. A lot of the best luxury toys are therefore quite high-tech looking, with insides intricately crafted to give maximum sensation.

    TENGA Flip Hole

    TENGA Flip Hole MasturbatorThe Tenga Flip Hole aimed to provide a satisfying penetration without looking garish. Using realistic-feeling material on the inside with 5 separate chambers designed to replicate the natural wavering of the vagina teamed with hundreds of lumps, bumps and nodules.

    Putting this feat of engineering inside a more discreet package than a flesh-coloured replica of a woman’s pelvis appealed to the masses along with the discreet size which allowed for easy storage, it packed all of its prowess into the texture and nailed it with one hit.

    Internal Textures of the TENGA Flip Hole"Overall guys, this is a must have product. The price is definitely worth it, save yourself from buying a few cheaper sleeves and invest in this pleasure machine." Read the full review.

    "I’ve had the Flip Hole for a few months now and after many many uses I still love it. I’ve found that it can be used to create so many different sensations just by pressing the different buttons, twisting it around, or the different rhythms you pump it at. I still haven’t settled on a ‘favourite’ method yet because even now I’m discovering new sensations that it creates. I’ve managed to spend many hours playing with this thing!" Read the full review.

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    High End Japanese Masturbators

    Following the relaxation of the law on sex toy likeness, the Japanese turned their attentions to creating realistic masturbators. Suddenly the market was inundated with Japanese versions of table top sex dolls, but they are distinctly different to their European and American cousins. These toys are smaller and often handheld. Those which are table top versions are still more compact than the models you’re used to seeing. This is in part owing to the petite stature of Japanese ladies but a large part of it is that the Japanese don’t tend to cast their toys from real people. The ‘essence’ of starlets is occasionally captured, but the majority of these toys are interpretative.

    The interiors of Japanese strokers and sex doll parts differ dramatically too. European and American toys favour ribbing to create the stimulating texture whereas the Japanese aim to please with interesting angles and focus on replicating the textures found inside real women. If you reach inside one of these toys, you’ll feel G-spots, A-spots and impressions that feel much more like inside a real vagina or ass with an aim to replicating the sensations of sex as closely as possible.

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    Rends R-1 System

    When the Japanese fancy something a little more high tech, they go for it. Taking similar materials and textures as seen in the Flip Hole, the Rends R-1 System puts a spin on strokers… literally. These short strokers whirl away on the glans to spin a jelly-textured sleeve covered with lumps, bumps, ridges and just about any other texture they manage to create in their labs. If you don’t like one cup, you can upgrade and buy a new one to try out. The instructions for the ‘It’s Free’ attachment even suggest adding things like marbles and noodles into the cups to enhance sensations during use.

    With 50 different settings, this toy stands to put partners out of business in the pleasure stakes. At the price tag, you know it has something to prove and we’re not seeing any complaints. To get started you need a Rends R-1 A10 Cyclone Masturbator Attachment with Controller. You can then invest in different heads for the masturbation attachment when you feel like a change, making this the only masturbator you’ll need to buy to keep you happy if the pleasure for you is all in the glans. There’s even an adaptor kit to make the masturbator longer if you want to feel your pleasure a little deeper.

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