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  1. TENGA Eggs: The Ultimate Texture Comparison

    TENGA's egg-shaped stretchy sleeves are textured on the inside to transform the sensations of a hand job. By adding a whole new dimension to manual stimulation, they're a great male sex toy whether used alone or as part of foreplay with a partner.

    There are 6 varieties to choose from, each with different swirling nodules and tight ridges. But which texture is best?

    Rox and Steve, the intrepid couple behind UK sex toy review blog DIY Orgasms, valiantly tested every single TENGA Egg in the TENGA Egg Variety 6 Pack and have reported back, comparing the textures so you can find the perfect egg for you.

    For oral sex sensations the TENGA Egg Silky comes out on top, but if you're looking for the tightest TENGA Egg in the range they suggest the TENGA Egg Wavy.

    Read on to discover Rox and Steve's pros and cons of each TENGA Egg and make the right choice for you.

    TENGA Egg Stepper

    The Stepper has the most pronounced internal nodules of the range which taper towards the tip. The vertical rows of nodules are shaped liked tongues which alternate between pointing up and pointing down which gives a highly satisfying yet varied sensation.

    The nodules flick the head of the penis with each stroke very well and with them being highly pronounced you get to feel each and every one of them.

    Bottom line: The Stepper is a one of the best eggs in the range and we feel is a great choice for people who like the thought of large but focused sensations when using a male masturbator.

    Pros Cons
    Nodules facing both ways which gives flicking sensations from up and down strokes Twisting whilst stroking feels good but not as good as others in the range
    Very pronounced nodules make even gentle strokes pleasurable The nodules may be too pronounced for some people

    TENGA Egg Wavy

    The Wavy Egg by TENGA is without a shadow of a doubt the tightest feeling of the range and it seems to get tighter with every stroke. Luckily this is not an uncomfortable tightness, this is a soft and silky snugness that engulfs you. It's obvious why this is called Wavy as the innards of the egg are shaped liked waves which vary in size from large waves around the entrance to smaller ones at the tip. These 'waves' are not really felt in use like the nodules inside other eggs in the range as these seem just to provide the silky tight feeling.

    Bottom line: The Wavy is our favourite of the range. It gives a super tight feeling and we feel that if you light tightness the Wavy is a very good bet.

    Pros Cons
    Very tight feeling No nodules for extra sensations

    TENGA Egg Twister

    The Twister has been designed to give best results when you twist the egg while stroking it up and down a penis. There are multiple vertical lines of raised nodules inside the egg. Once you twist whilst stroking it gives a 'swirly' sensation and is quite similar to receiving oral sex.

    Rotating the Twister whilst thrusting is an absolute must with this egg.

    Bottom line: The Twister is a very well designed egg and it's really good how it manages to give you a feeling of being given oral sex. However, we weren't overly keen that we always had to twist the egg to achieve this.

    Pros Cons
    Feels like you are receiving oral sex You really have to twist the egg while using
    Twisting the egg gives a great sensation

    TENGA Egg Silky

    Usually when you see the word silky you usually think smooth but not in the case of the TENGA Silky. This egg is completely full of small ridges that go in multiple directions - surprisingly, it feels very intense when you consider how small these ridges are. The ridges on the inside make the Silky feel very like you are given oral sex more so they any other egg in the range. Twisting this egg whilst stroking doesn't make much of a difference to the sensations compared to the other TENGA Eggs.

    Bottom line: The Silky really is one of the best eggs in the range, how it manages to simulate oral sex I'm not sure but it does it very well. If you like oral sex and are thinking of getting a TENGA Egg then we'd recommend it.

    Pros Cons
    Feels very like you are being given oral sex Ridges could be a bit too much for some people
    Twisting doesn't really add to the sensations

    TENGA Egg Clicker

    TENGA Egg Clicker

    The Clicker has definitely got the oddest looking nodules from TENGA Egg range however it gives sensations like none of the others. Inside there are nodules are smaller and bunched together whilst others are singular are large which makes great variety as you feel each and every one of them and you really don't what to expect with it.

    It can feels slightly like Silky Egg but with added nodules for that little bit extra.

    Bottom line: The Clicker may look bizarre but there is a reason behind its odd interior. It works very well and the variety of the bumps are a great feature.

    Pros Cons
    The different types of nodules inside give great sensations We can't think of any cons for the Clicker!
    Twisting the Clicker adds to the pleasure

    TENGA Egg Spider

    The naming of the Spider Egg by TENGA is very fitting as the inside is very similar to a web which stimulates you like no other of the Eggs in the range. The feeling of the webbed texture is very prominent and you get the sensation coming from multiple directions with every stroke. Twisting whilst stroking the Spider is excellent but thankfully not a must.

    Bottom line: The Spider works very well, its multi-directional texture is nothing like anything else in the range.

    Pros Cons
    Multi-directional pleasure thanks to webbed texture There is just the webbed texture with no other nodules
    Twisting while stroking it amazing

    Rox and Steve are a young married couple who share their thoughts and opinions on sex toys at www.diyorgasms.co.uk.

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    • Tenga Eggs: October 13, 2011 09:24
      Very Interesting blog i like it.
      Thanks for post.
    • djrbb: May 28, 2013 07:11
      Thank you for this, it made me a bit more confident on which ones are better for me..I was afraid of some of the eggs being to pronounced.
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