1. What Is This?

    Dildo with Balls

    When this thing landed on my desk, I posed the question; “What is this?” on Lovehoney's Twitter.

    Baby elephant trunk protector, hamster slide, Charlie Sheen’s nose vacuum and a really strong condom were among the suggestions put forward.

    But what is it, and why is it an awesome sex toy?

    As much as I wish it was a baby elephant trunk protector, it isn’t. Nor is it any of the other suggested devices. It is in fact a two-part mould for one of the best sex toy innovations I’ve seen this month - the Make Your Own Vibrating Dildo With Balls Kit.

    Dildo with BallsMake more sense now? The traditional upright mould now has a cupping device to slide over the end, allowing you to cast your schlong and fun sack in one go.

    Not only does this make the finished product look more realistic, it’s ideal for those who want to use their realistic dildo casts for anal sex play, as the balls prevent any unwanted travelling and subsequent trips to A&E. (Imagine explaining how you ended up with a replica of your own junk lodged in your colon… not cool.)

    Dildo with Balls

    Everything you need to create an exact copy of your bits, balls and all, is included in the pack along with an optional vibrator to add a little extra oomph.

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