1. What's The Deal With Double Ended Dildos?

    Mini Double DildoIf you hear 'double dildo' and immediately think of two women aboard a double ended dong, you might want to think again. These dual pleasure-givers find their way into many types of relationship - and can even bring sexual happiness to someone flying solo.

    How about a strapless strap on, that a women can wear hands-free while she penetrates her a partner (either male or female)? Or what of a double headed dildo that can be used alone for double penetration play, like this purple Mini Double Dildo?

    We run down our 5 most popular double enders and see what Lovehoney customers say about the slippery subject that is the double dildo in their sex toy reviews.

    1. Sharon Sloane Latex Double Pleasure Briefs - £29.99

    Sharon Sloane Latex Double G Pleasure BriefsThis may not be your typical double dildo but these double dildo pants are a great value way for beginners to try out penetrating their partner - also known as 'pegging' if it's a woman penetrating a man.

    "Great bit of kit for newcomers to pegging. The dildos are very soft, squidgy, and smooth, perfect for people who aren't so sure about trying it out. The OH said that with a bit of practice she may be able to get herself off with the internal dildo, once she gets the rhythm."

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    2. Mini Double Dildo - £12.99

    Mini Double DildoA perfectly petite and great value double dildo that's ideal for women who enjoy double penetration to use, and partners who enjoy watching too!

    "We bought this toy to use on my partner mainly for DP. The smaller end is great for anal and the thicker end is a much more realistic girth. She started with anal, only having experience in smaller toys, this was perfect, moving onto vaginal for earth shattering orgasms. It's also perfect for sharing with a friend, male or female."

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    3. Toy Joy Strapless Strap On - £29.99

    Toy Joy Strapless Strap On Double Ended DildoWith its bulbous end easy to insert and grip on to, this strapless strap on allows you to have sex with your partner without having to hold the dildo in place with either your hands or with straps.

    "My girlfriend and I really like using sex aids like this - double-ended ones - for sex. They give a real intimacy to our lovemaking - being inside each other, our bodies together, sharing our orgasms. But we hate straps - they seem so unnatural, unwieldy, and impersonal. So that's the great joy of a strapless one like this and without the straps we feel so much more of each other. When I wear it, it almost feels like I have a cock - which might seem strange, but if you're in the right mood, there's an erotic charge to that."

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    4. Toy Joy Strapless Vibrating Double Dildo - £39.99

    Toy Joy Strapless Vibrating Double DildoAll the pleasure of the original Toy Joy strapless strap on, but with extra vibrations for the receiving partner - great if the receiving partner has a prostate to massage.

    "My wife and I were toying with the idea of a simple strap on for a bit of fun and we stumbled upon this strapless dildo. It was different than normal strap ons as there are no straps and my wife being a thin lady liked the idea. So, we bought it. We have used it a few times now and all I can say is, 'wow'! The feel of her inside me was amazing and the vibrations are amazing too."

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    5. Jelly Double Dildo - £29.99

    Jelly Double DildoAt 18 inches in length, this realistic double dildo is ideal for sharing but if you're an advanced anal player and a long dong is what you're looking for then this might just be the ticket.

    "As I'm no beginner, the toy slipped in easily and I got the first 6-7 inches in without any issue. Having read up a little on the subject, I knew that the barrier to further progress was my sigmoid. I'm not sure if it was just good luck, but with very little issue, this little darling slipped past that and before I knew where I was, the toy was halfway in. A bit more playing allowed me to reach 14 inches - for me totally exciting - before my body refused further progress without pain, which I wasn't going to try."

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