1. How to Clean and Store Realistic Feel Sex Toys

    If you want the most lifelike sensations, choose a realistic feel sex toy for your solo sex. These high-end toys are made from a variety of trademarked materials that have been engineered to feel just like human skin and flesh. Soft to the touch, stretchy, quick to warm and certain to retain their shape, realistic vaginas and lifelike dildos are a wonderful innovation that will vastly improve the authenticity of your experience.

    Realistic sex toys are made from a mix of plastics, rubbers and silicone and need care to keep them feeling incredible. Without due care rubbers can deteriorate and silicone can melt, meaning your toy can become a sticky mess with a future at Rabbit Amnesty - such a shameful waste.

    To check if your fake vagina, lifelike sex doll or realistic dildo is made from realistic feel material and needs special attention, go to the product page on Lovehoney. You can easily see that this toy is made from Realistic Feel material, and the type of real feel material is specified in brackets.

    Realistic Feel

    Trademarked realistic feel materials include: Cyberskin, Fleshlight, Futurotic Plus, LoveClone, Loveskin, Magic Flesh, Realskin, Refined Touch, Sil-A-Gel, Silk Skin, Skin Touch, SoftSkin, SoftTouch, True Skin, UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0), Virtual Skin.

    To ensure that your realistic sex toys feel as fresh as when you first took them out of the box, follow these quick and easy steps to care for and maintain them.

    These are Lovehoney customer favourite sex toy essentials:

    8 ways to keep your real-feel toys in tip-top condition

    It's easy to care for any realistic sex toy, prolonging the life of the materials and enjoy these fabulous toys for longer.

    1. Wash your hands and yourself. Natural oils and dirt from your skin can make realistic sex toys feel sticky and look dirty. It’s not easy to clean dirty marks off of realistic materials, so washing yourself before you use the toy can help avoid smudges.

    2. Use water-based lube. Realistic sex toy materials are made from a mix of rubbers, plastics and silicone, so the best way to ensure you’re safe is to opt for a water-based lubricant as it won’t degrade or react with any of the materials.

    3. Don't share realistic sex toys. Due to the porous nature of realistic sex toys, they are very prone to retaining nasties including sexually transmitted infections. It is therefore inadvisable to share a realistic sex toy with a partner if you’re not both certain you’re free from infections and diseases.

    4. Clean carefully after use. Cleaning your toy is the most vital part of your care regime and can help a sex toy to last a lifetime. You should always wash your toy after use with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner such as Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner. The cleaner will kill any bacteria lingering in your toy and you can then rinse it all away with a thorough cleanse with hot water.

    5. Dry your toy thoroughly. Use a soft cloth or clean towel to dry the surface. For male masturbators, thread a soft cloth through the cleaning hole and out through the entrance or turn them inside out to hand dry. Air drying is not recommended as bacteria can breed on a warm, wet drying rack or surface.

    6. Use renewer powder. Once your toy is dry, it is vital to use a renewer powder inside and out. Does your toy feel sticky? Natural oils from the body will start to degrade the materials and this is what causes that tacky feeling on the surface of your toys. Renewer powder, such as the Fleshlight Powder Renewer, counteracts the effects of any oils and soaks up any remaining residue as well as protecting it from contact with any oils during storage.

    7. Do not use talcum powder. Similarly to recent research suggesting that phthalates may cause cancer, talc has also been cited as another possible cause. While research remains ongoing, it is strongly recommend to avoid using talc on intimate toys.

    8. Store realistic toys separately. Ensure real feel sex toys are kept separate from other toys in your collection, even if they are also made of realistic materials. Place your toy in a suitable box or bag and store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

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    • Steve: May 05, 2011 14:11
      Brilliant post Hella, we had a couple of meltdowns of toys in our early days because we didn't know what we were doing.
    • Rachel: November 17, 2017 20:00
      Thank you for the information. I've learnt a lot and can continue with confidence!