1. Reducing the STD Risks of Sharing Sex Toys

    Freedom HealthThe risk of transmitting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) while sharing a sex toy with someone is extremely low. However, to minimise the risk completely, it’s advised that you wear protection and practice safe sex.

    The reason is simple, genital fluids like blood and semen can carry diseases and some toys can crack or develop holes over time where dangerous bacteria can hide.

    Thankfully, there are a few other simple ways to prevent the transmission of STIs such as HIV, Chlamydia and genital wartswhen using sex toys:

    • Don't share your sex toys.
    • If you do share them, use a new condom each time for each partner.
    • For silicone toys it's advised you boil with water after use (you shouldn't share the toy after boiling).

    Sex Toys and Other Safer Sex Concerns

    When using sex toys there are a couple of other common ways that can cause accidental and sometimes painful results. Fortunately there are some easy ways to avoid all these problems:

    • Constantly use a new condom when inserting a sex toy from each genital openig, as bacteria that is present in the anus can cause problems in the vagina.
    • Some people can develop an allergic reaction to sex toys. So, it's important to research the material of your sex toy to reduce this risk.
    • Make sure you keep your sex toy hygienic at all times by keeping it clean.

    Final Thoughts…

    Overall the risk of HIV and STI infection from sharing a sex toy is minimal. However If you think there is a possibility that you have been exposed to and infected with HIV and want to visit a gum clinic, then an HIV test is the only way to be sure about this. HIV testing is much easier than it used to be. At Freedomhealth we are able to test you for HIV from as early as 10 days after infection. We provide three main HIV tests, so please book a consultation with one of our medical professionals who are more than happy to help you.

    Find out more information at: www.freedomhealth.co.uk: Freedom Health provides a private Sexual Health / STD clinic and GUM clinic to men and women. We work on the basis of trust, honesty and friendship.

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