1. Fun Zone Male Masturbators and Strokers

    Fun Zone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Male StrokerThe Fun Zone range of male masturbators has caused excitement here at Lovehoney HQ. This varied collection of strokers provide quality, realistic sex sensations for the price of a cheap sex toy. A multi-use toy, they allows users to experience the intensely realistic sensations of a luxury masturbator for a fraction of the price.

    Inside each case is a sleeve made from Refined Touch - a lifelike material that simulates the textures of real skin. With care, each sleeves can last for up to 100 uses. The sleeve is concealed inside a discreet case that hides the masturbators appearance and helps keep it clean and germ-free during storage.

    Fun Zone Masturbators Video Guide

    The Fun Zone Vulcan range is split into three categories - ripe (pink flesh colour), tight (see through) and wet (white in colour). Each colour has a vagina, anus and mouth opening with their own textures which mimic the physical sensations of vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex respectively.

    Fun Zone Vulcan Vibrating Tight Anus Male MasturbatorThere is also a Fun Zone Vulcan Vibrating range, with the same colours and textures. The vibrating sleeves are shorter, but you gain the added benefit of a bullet vibrator wiith one continuous speed and five patterns to experiment with. They really enhance the feel of the sleeve during use and can ramp up your sexual experience with better-than-real sensations.

    Fun Zone Double Pumped Gold Anal and Oral Sex StrokerIf you can’t decide which hole you’d rather have, Fun Zone's Double Pumped range of male mastubators lets you to opt for two different openings in one unit. Slightly longer than the Vulcan range to allow for two different textures, they’re more suitable for well-endowed men who may find the length of the Vulcans a little short as well as those who want more variation from their masturbator.

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